Monday, July 29, 2013

Miles' Surgery: For the love of sleep

Miles has never been a great sleeper. When he was a baby he struggled sleeping through the night and this continued into his toddler years. Around December of last year it started to get worse. By March, he was waking up 10+ times a night, crying, thrashing all over bed and basically ever member of the household suffered from sleepless nights. I scheduled an appointment with an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor but they were booking a month plus we continued to endure sleepless nights. I suspected he was suffering from sleep apnea as I could hear him stop breathing multiple times throughout the night. Not good. The poor kid basically wasn't getting any good sleep. So I decided to video tape him sleeping. I knew if we went to the ENT and told them his symptoms, they would tell me to monitor him and come back in a month or so. I couldn't handle any more sleepless nights!

So finally the day came when we could get into the ENT. I played the video for her and within seconds she said 'oh yes, he has sleep apnea'. We immediately started talking about removing his tonsils and adenoids. Both which, when enlarged, block the airway.

Surgery was scheduled for May 22nd. The morning of we arrived bright and early. Miles did great waiting and took his meds to make him a little sleepy without a problem. They wheeled him off around 7:15. It was super hard to send him away because I knew that coming out of it he would be scared and upset.

The surgery lasted about 20 minutes. When the doctor came to talk to us after, she said we def made the right choice. His tonsils were the size of golf balls and she said it was actually one of the most difficult surgeries she's performed because they were so large and his throat was so small. She said his adenoids were quite large as well.

She informed us that Miles was moved to pediatrics and would be waiting for the time we stepped off the elevator on the peds floor...we could hear him. Screaming.bloody.murder. It took forever to calm him down. Between the pain, the IV and the heart monitor, he was not a happy camper. We spent 8 hours in peds and were finally able to go home that evening.

Now onto the recovery. Everyone talks about the horror stories of recovery from having tonsils and adenoids removed.....and i was dreading it. As any parent knows, there is no reasoning with a 2 year old. The first two days went surprisingly well. I thought to myself 'what are these people talking about? This isn't bad at all!'. Then day 3 hit and the pain increased....and miles wouldn't take his meds because of the pain....days 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were all terrible. Wouldn't eat, drink or take meds. It got to the point where we almost had to bring him in for dehydration. Eventually though, he did turn the corner and finally went back to daycare almost 2 weeks after the surgery. I wouldn't say he was completely healed until almost a month/month and a half after surgery. Looking back, i'm glad we did it but it was so hard at the time to watch him suffer and be able to do absolutely nothing for him. Lots of snuggles were had and we're glad to have our little boy back to normal!

Waiting to be called back to surgery
After surgery....FINALLY fell asleep

I had to bring in reinforcements to get me through the days

What most of our days looked like
And when he wasn't sleeping/crying, he was so exhausted...and just looked sad:(

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miles' 2nd Birthday Party

I'll spare you the details of why this post is so just seemed to get in the way of blogging. But here I go with one of my many attempts to get caught up.

Miles' 2nd birthday party was a baseball theme. It was a great time (from what I can remember from 4 months ago, ha). Here are some pictures from the event. Prepare for picture overload....I did a guest blog post for Pear Tree Greetings covering the party and thus went a little nuts:) If you want to see that post which goes into more details on the party planning, click here

I also realized that I need to hire/put someone in charge of taking photos of the actual party and guests. I get so caught up in hosting it that once guests arrive I'm too busy to remember to pick up my camera of the actual party itself!

Thank You Cards


Baseball Centerpiece

Fun confetti for the table

More centerpieces

Gift baskets for the kiddos (baseball, tattoos, wristbands)

Almost all the guests wore baseball jerseys....without being told! Posing with Grandma Vicki

The best we were going to get for a family photo that day

Nessler Cousins

This is what happens when a helpful sister tries to remove the nuk for a picture

Ha, so reminds me of an attacking shark

Miles and Cousin Margo

He'll probably kill me in a few years but they have the best time together. Kate and Cousin Max

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Miles: 2 Years Old

Our little Miles Jay turned 2 on March 22nd and I don't think words can explain how much I'm in love with this little boy. From the day he was born, he has always been a mama's boy....and I love it.
Miles is full of personality and has become quite the chatter box these days. I love listening to him practice new words. At times, I feel like his little interpreter as he often spouts off phrases that vaguely resemble a sentence but I know what he means:)

Here's Miles' life in a nutshell at the moment:
-Still obsessed with anything sports. His throwing and catching abilities continue to improve. You can catch a quick video of his skills here. He also loves basketball, football and hockey.
-In addition to being a mama's boy, he's also a papa's boy. He sure loves his grandpas.
-Doing well in the toddler room at daycare. Loves his teachers and his friends.
-Speaking of which....He has a little girlfriend at daycare named Addison and he calls her his 'buttercup'. He has to give her a hug and a kiss each day when he leaves. Most.adorable.thing.ever.
-Working on 4 new molars, which have made for some difficult nights lately
-Has the chubbiest, most kissable cheeks which I love to kiss until he says 'no more mooches mom'
-Loves trying to keep up with big sister Kate and continues to work on his sharing with her
-Has a memory like none other. Repeats things over AND over. Like the time I sent 'baby' socks with him to grandma's every time I pull out socks he has to shake his finger at me and say 'No baby socks mom'
-Will hopefully begin potty training soon. He shows interest but for some reason, I find potty training a boy so much more intimidating than a girl.
Other than that, a typical 2 year old boy. Acting more like a big boy each day and less like my little baby....sigh, where does the time go??

I'll leave you with a photo shoot I did for Miles' invitations for his 2nd birthday. To sum it up, it was a chaotic, hot mess (literally). I was sweating profusely, trying everything possible to get him to smile. My little assistant Kate was frantically waving her arms, shouting 'Miles buddy, smile at mommy'....which was great but her little arms were in half my I leave you with the very few shots that were salvageable:)

And this my friends....sums up how Miles felt about the photo shoot...hilarious

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christy's 30th Birthday

When I was approached by my best friend Christy's husband, Bryan, to help him throw a surprise 30th birthday for her, two thoughts came to mind:
1) She is going to kill me if I do this
2) Ah what the hell, she'll get over it:)

Well with the help of some of Christy's fabulous friends (and of course Bryan) we were able to keep it a secret and surprised her a couple Saturdays ago. As Christy stated 'I hated the first 10 minutes of it, but then loved it!' So Christy:)

We held it in the basement of Tav on the Ave. There was definite concern on how we would get her there, let alone get her to come in the basement and not be suspicious. Initially, the plan was Christy's mom was going to invite them out to her house for supper and Bryan would find an excuse to stop at the Tav on the way out. Then fear struck me.....'What if she thinks she's only going to her mom's for supper and decides to be super casual and is wearing...gasp...sweatpants!?!?!' I mean, she was going to kill us all for throwing this party in the first place but if she discovered this was all going on and I allowed her to wear sweatpants to the party....who knows what would have went down.

The party planners quickly devised a plan and with some trickery from Bryan and Christy's mom, they were able to make a change of plans and made a last minute decision to go out to eat at.
The Tav was packed, which teed up a perfect reason for them to be sitting in the basement....and the rest....well I'll let the photos do the talking:)

The moment she realized it was more than just dinner
Terror/ was a range of emotions. Poor Grayson couldn't see a darn thing that was going on due to the hat:)

Pictures strung on twine and attached to old barn wood! Christy's friend Rachel made it and words cannot describe. It was like a better than sex cake plus gooey toffee center and was just so damn moist. (sidenote, Christy, i know you hate the word moist but you must agree!!)

The room was adorned with photos such as this one....such a gem!

Ben and Mary

Randi and Ashley

Trisha and Matt

Anne, Bibbs and Rach

Jeff and Aleta

My sister Emily and Chris

Jay, Rico (ryan) and Ben

My sister and I

Shot time with the Taylor girls

The possibilities of what these two are discussing are endless.....:)

Love them. Mother/Daughter

Christy and Rachel

Me and the birthday girl

Anne, my fellow party planner. Anne, you make me want to hit a tanning salon, stat.

Rachel and Anne

Jay and I

Amanda and Christy

Krystal and Joe (Christy's brother)

Jess and Zach

The McCormicks, Blickems and yours truly

Too many too name....but they all coordinated well!

Bryan and Christy

The necklace Kate made for the birthday girl

This picture is hilarious....I look like I'm grabbing Matt's ass

Movie Club Girls: Sarah, Christy, Me, Aleta

Shots were flowing all night. In the words of Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum 'Ew!' To complete your life, view the video here:

Trisha, Matt and Ninja Christy

They may kill me.....way late in the night.

It was a fabulous time and so glad everyone came out to celebrate the wonderful Christy. Love you Jill and so glad your birthday came after mine:)