Monday, April 28, 2008

Slacking on posting pics - 21 weeks

I'm a little behind on posting these pictures but here I am at 21 weeks. I have FINALLY popped and look pregnant. Other exciting news this week....Jay felt the baby kick for the 1st time on Saturday night which I was extremely excited about:) Also, I purchased my first pair of maternity pants tonight (well like 5 pair - thanks mom!) so that I'll be prepared when I wake up some morning and my regular pants don't fit anymore (which will be any day)....and I must say I was quite impressed with how cute the pants were. Who knew stretchy pants could be so fun! 

Saturday we purchased all the baby we just have to wait for it to arrive:) I'll post pictures of the room soon, still a little more work to do. 

Also, I did the March of Dimes walk on Sunday and braved through the cold, windy rain. It was miserable conditions, but I made it and it was for a fabulous cause. 
Thanks again to everyone who donated!

Have a great week. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures:)

Yesterday Jay and I had our 2nd ultrasound (technically it was the first time we really saw the baby as you couldn't see much in the 1st one). It was definitely one of the coolest days of our lives and I could have watched the monitor for hours. The baby was very active and we were able to get a boat load of pictures. I've attached just a few. I measured right on at 20 weeks and 6 days which still puts us at a September 3rd due date...which was a relief as everyone kept telling me I was 'small' and I was worried they had my due date wrong. This baby knows it needs to come on time...I've got a dress to fit into folks:) Don't worry though...I have grown...and I will post those pictures shortly. 
Sorry some of the pictures below are a little blurry. I had some trouble scanning them in and had to take pictures of them instead. 

Here is our little peanut:)

Here is a shot of the full body...head is to your right - all of these clarifications are for emily who can't seem to read an ultrasound if her life depended on it:)

This one is labeled but in case its blurry, this is a picture of the butt, knee, heel and toe. Has the Nessler butt:)

Tiny little of my favorites:)

Lastly, here is a 3D image of the baby's head. As you can see the hand is up in front of the face. The little bugger was doing it the whole time so it was hard to get a good shot. People think I'm crazy but I already think the baby looks like Jay. Also pay close attention to the guns the baby is showing off:) 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

20 Weeks and 1/2 way there!

It is so hard for me to believe that as of today I am 1/2 way through this pregnancy. I think it has just recently started to hit me that in 4.5 months Jay and I will be parents and our lives will be forever changed...scary but so exciting all at the same time. 

Today not only marked the 1/2 way point but also marked the point in my pregnancy when I've decided none of my shirts fit....I spent a good 20 minutes this morning trying on anything that made me feel less sausage-like. Now I know everyone says 'you're pregnant, you're supposed to be growing'....but I haven't fully developed a definite 'bump' yet and so my morning dress routine consists of trying to find something that completely hides my belly or accentuates it to make me appear pregnant....and frankly has led to some morning melt-downs (I blame it on the horomones). 
Thankfully my pants are still fitting which makes things a little easier (knock on wood).

Tonight we celebrated Vicki's birthday...Happy Birthday Vic! And tomorrow we are headed to the cities to visit Christy and Connor! Woo hoo! We're crossing our fingers they get to come home from the hospital Friday morning!

Other than that not much is new. Jay starts umping baseball on Sunday and the baseball/softball season will be here before you know it. I better enjoy this quiet time while I can. 
Now for the belly pics........and for those of you wondering, the baby is now 10 inches long...about the size of a banana.

Our next appointment is Monday and Ultra sound next Tuesday and I'll be sure to post some pics:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Exciting news to report

As many of you are aware my best friend Christy's baby, Connor, was taking to Children's Hospital this past weekend with some 'intestinal problems'. Well I am happy to report that he had surgery today, they were able to repair the problem and he should be on his way home this weekend!! Woo hoo! Jay and I are both extremely happy for The Bodes and can't wait for them to come home.

In other good news, Jay and I had a great weekend and on Saturday bought our stroller (that's right folks, the poll is over). We went with the Platinum. We also narrowed down crib selections and will hopefully have that purchased in the near future as well.

Then on Sunday, I went up to Children's (far too familiar of a trip for me this year) to visit dear little Connor and got to spend some much needed time with my bff jill (my nickname for Christy) and Connor and Bryan as well. Connor was just so peaceful in his little crib and looked great. Christy and Bryan, you looked great as well. 

Lastly, tonight Jay and his dad worked more on the baby's room and finished painting the ceiling. My goal is to have it complete by June! Actually I should say my goal is to have them complete it by June as I'm afraid I haven't been of much help. 

On a side note, I think I have officially 'popped' as of last night. As Jay put it 'wow, you're stomach is getting big'. And thus I knew I had officially popped. And really, I think I've grown overnight as well. So be on the lookout Wednesday for my 20 week pictures. 

That's all I've got for now. I've attached some pictures of Connor from Sunday and Jay painting the ceiling of the baby's room.

Looking good Connor!

For those of you who haven't seen the jean shorts in are truly missing out. Take a number ladies:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

19 weeks - Almost 1/2 way there

Yesterday I turned 19 weeks. Not too much new to report other than I'm growing, some of my pants are getting a little snug (but with a little maneuvering and tugging I'm able to stuff myself in), I'm feeling movements more often and am having trouble sleeping through the night. The lack of sleep I've been getting is reason as to why there are no heads in the pictures today....far too tired looking. I think I've definitely started to pop more though....enjoy:)

Connor Bryan Bode is here!

Woo hoo! Connor Bryan Bode was born early this morning shortly after 3 a.m. Jay and I visited Christy, Bryan and Connor this evening and he is absolutely adorable! Holding him makes me want our little one right now....but Christy's vivid recollection of the pain was enough to shoot me back down to reality and make me realize I'm ok right now as is and will need to toughen up a little bit before birth. She did great though and thankfully we were able to follow the whole labor process on her blog. If you haven't seen it, see 'The Bode Family' in my favorite links. Whatta woman. She makes me so proud:)
Here are some pictures of Connor this evening....I just can't get over how perfect he is! 
Congrats again Bryan and Christy!

Connor and me...little does he know how much of me he'll really be seeing.

Such a doll!

And last but not least the soon to be dad:)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Help me raise money for the March of Dimes

On Sunday, April 27th I will be walking in the March of Dimes walk to help raise money to ensure babies have a healthy start at life. This past year I witnessed just how important it is to raise money for such organizations like the March of Dimes. Both my nephew Max and our good friend's baby, Avery, were both born 7 weeks early and now thanks to wonderful medical care are very active and healthy babies. 
If you would like to make a donation and support me in my walk, please visit:

Thanks in advance for your support.

My Nephew Max

Cullen and Jen's baby Avery

How can you ignore these cuties?? :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5 months along!

Today I started my 5th month of pregnancy...woo hoo! No weird analogy this time on how big the baby is...just that it is 5 3/4 ounces and 5-5 1/2 inches long and my book says the baby is starting to look more like a 'human'. I'm feeling great and am starting to show more. I'm still kind of in that 'is she packing on the pounds or is she pregnant' stage. I'm pretty sure I've felt some movement but its hard to decipher what is the baby and what isn't. 
I've attached some pictures of my belly that we took this morning. Ignore my pasty stomach.
Other than that, not much going on with Jay and I. We're slowly trying to get the baby's room cleaned out and decide how we want to paint:) I'll keep you all posted on our progress.