Saturday, July 26, 2008

34 Weeks

Here I am at 34 weeks. We had our appointment on Wednesday. We started off by pre-administering so that we wouldn't have to answer a million questions while in labor. And believe me, there were a ton of questions so I'm glad we did it. It was followed by a tour of the hospital and then our appointment. 

The heart rate is 138 and I'm not sure if I really have anything else to report from the appointment. I have an ultrasound next Wednesday to determine the position of the baby and also if my placenta has moved. If it has, all systems are a go for a natural birth otherwise a c-section is most likely in my future. Either way I think I've mentally prepared for both options. 

My feet have started swelling a little bit at the end of the day but I'm doing my best to avoid it (if that's possible). Back aches continue, lack of sleep and sore ribs but if that's all I'm going to experience I really can't complain. I have a short torso which I blame 1/2 of my ailments on.

Tomorrow is my first baby shower and I am uber excited. I'll make sure to post pictures of the event and from the sounds of the little details I've heard, it should be great!

Hello white needs some sun....or self tanner....something...and it probably didn't help that I ate chipotle right before these pictures....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

33 Weeks

Here I am at 33 weeks. Feeling good. Kicks are getting much stronger...they aren't even really kicks, more like the baby is morphing in my belly. Had a few contractions here and there but nothing real consistent.

I spent most of the weekend cleaning the house and trying to organize while I can. I also helped Em and Chris with some of the stuff at their new house. I'll post pictures of that sometime soon too. Its super cute and they've done a lot of work to it.

Baby room is pretty much complete. I promise I'll post pictures but right now I can't get the color of the wall to photograph right and its looking like crap....when really its super cute. I'll work on that this week. We have our 34 week checkup on Wednesday of this week. Have a good week!

Babysitting Connor

I would have post these way sooner but we have been without internet forever...i felt like a cavewoman disconnected from the entire world. Thankfully I was able to get a connection tonight.

So last week Jay and I got the chance to be parents for an evening. Christy had to run some errands so we got to watch little Connor for the night. Really, I did because Jay had softball...but he was there for a little bit and got to play with Connor. We had a wonderful night and I think Connor really fell in love with me:) Well he never really cried so I'll take that as love...and now some adorable pictures of the chunky monkey:)

Show me love!


Giggles for Jay!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We got in!!!

We just found out yesterday that we were accepted to Golden Heart daycare would have thought I had got into Harvard I was so excited. And really, daycare around here is as hard to get into as Harvard sometimes so I'm just relieved they were able to find a spot for us. Its right across the street from my work so its a perfect location, its where I went as a kid and the people are great there.
Anyway it was a fabulous start to the weekend.....have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dr. Appointment Update

We had a doctor's appointment today. Everything went good. Measuring on track and the heart rate was 156 (kind of surprising since last time it was 130). Originally I was thinking boy but now I'm starting to think girl and feel I desperately need to find a girl name as we've been kind of wishy washy with the girl names. Other than that not too much to report. Dr. said I can gain a pound a week from here on out and still be in the normal range....thank god because Fun Days has rolled into town and I've already downed a bag of mini doughnuts with more to come this weekend. I also need to make room for cheese curds...oh yum.

I know I said I would have pictures of  the baby room up last night but I have to wait to get some good ones and then I'll post them.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

32 Weeks

Sorry I missed the 31 week post so we'll jump straight to 32 weeks. Definitely growing and starting to feel more like a pregnant person. I find myself running my belly into things without even knowing it. Like yesterday...went to give Jay a hug...I was on the landing of our steps and he was on the first step before my arms could wrap around him my belly hit him and he fell off the stairs. 

Also, I think I had my first contractions yesterday...5 in an hour but then they stopped. I'm excited for this baby to come but not this soon!

Speaking of the baby, he/she now weighs 4 pounds and is 19 inches long.

Jay and I finished our birth classes and now have 3 other classes left. Breastfeeding, car seat safety and newborn care and then I guess we are ready to be parents...ha:)

I assembled my breast pump the other night to make sure I had all the parts. Once assembled, the two clowns who were watching me decided to try it out. (They shall remain nameless, however one is getting married in October and the other one can be found in a sexy pair of 'jorts' in an earlier post). I wish I had my camera....they each had one pump on and I sat there cranking up the suction.... it was hilarious and disturbing all at the same time....I will think of them every time I pump...thanks guys. Needless to say it worked.

We're starting to narrow down the list of baby names (if you consider 7 girl names and 3 boy names narrow)....we'll try and widdle it down some more so we only have a couple to choose from. It will be a game time decision the day of the birth.

Let's see, what else....

Today, as we speak, the baby's room is being painted (well not entirely painted, we had it painted we just have someone painting some designs on the wall to match the bedding and stuff) and so I will post pictures of those tonight! 

Only 8 weeks much to do and so little time. Have a great Wednesday everyone!