Sunday, August 31, 2008

Productive Sunday

Yesterday the Twins won so they play in the championship tomorrow! Woo hoo! And....I'm going to go to the game. I'm so sick and tired of sitting home that I just can't take it anymore. Besides, how could I miss the championship game?!?! And the way things are going, this baby won't be making an appearance anyways. 

Today I just got a lot of things done. We cleaned the house and I did some scrubbing of the bathroom floors and toilets. It didn't cause me to go into labor but could have very easily caused me to puke. Just nasty. 

So the house is pretty much clean which is a good and a relaxing feeling. 

Other than that, just trying to lay as much as possible. I'm finally I think getting to the uncomfortable point where sitting hurts (because my torso is so short) and it just feels good to lay. So why not:)

Well the Twins play bright and early at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning so hopefully we can win the first game and head home for a relaxing labor day.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daily Updates

Ok so I've had quite a few requests for daily updates these days so I'll try and post how I'm feeling and of course the status of if there is a baby or not.

So its Saturday and still no baby. Yesterday I tried to get things moving a little by helping Christy move into her new house but the only thing exciting that happened was I peed my pants during a laughing attack in the middle of her driveway. Everyone thought maybe my water broke but I assured them it was the lack of bladder muscles these days. Now normally I would probably be mortified after peeing my pants in public (especially since my boss was there - Shout out to you Trav because I know you secretly read our blogs:) but believe me....what led up to me peeing my pants overshadowed anything I did. And that story shall remain a secret.

Slept really good last night, only woke up twice in the middle of the night.

Was kind of glad I didn't go into labor last night because there was a new doctor on call, and I'm sure she's delivered plenty of babies but the thought of a new doctor on call for the first time just made me nervous.

Today, the Mankato Twins play at 6 in Shakopee (I think, or Chaska). If they win, they play Monday for the championship. If they lose, they play tomorrow and then would have to win tomorrow and then two on Monday to clench the title. 

I'm not going to the game tonight. I'm running wedding errands with Emily and will probably stop over at Christy's. I may go to the game if they end up playing tomorrow and will go on Monday if they make it. 

So there you have it for your first daily update (was it good enough Gloria)? I'll try and post a picture of 39 weeks but really I think I look the same as last week so it won't be too exciting. 

Have a great labor day weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Lucky Gal

So Jay has been fabulous through this entire pregnancy. Early on when I was super sick he would clean the house, run to the grocery store buying odd foods that I craved and was just there for my every need.

And he has continued to be great as I've grown. When I've felt huge and not cute...he was there telling me how good I looked. And lately he's even helped launch me out of bed in the middle of the night when I couldn't roll over.

He's always making sure I feel comfortable and just has been really supportive....especially lately.

Well today he just made my day. I was surprised to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers at work accompanied by a card that said 'Can't wait for the new family. Love you both. Love Jay'.
It was so sweet and extremely thoughtful:)

Just thought I'd share what a lucky girl I am and give thanks to such a wonderful husband...who I know is going to be the best dad ever.

And still no baby:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dr. Appointment Update

Well we had a doctor's appointment today and here is the latest:
-Still at 3 cm...
-Still at 70% effaced....
boo, boo, boo

Doctor said he was extremely surprised he didn't see me this past weekend...I said 'me too...I skipped baseball for this!'
He again told me the head is extremely low and if it were any lower it would be coming out.

So we're hoping sometime soon. Doctor also gave me the option to be induced this Sunday if I wanted. Basically told me that the option was on the table and mainly laid it out there for my own sanity. I'm kind of a spaz when it comes to this birth thing, group b strep, and whether or not I'm going to have him as a doctor so he thought it might bring me a calmer experience if I was induced. You should see me in the doctor's office....its like question after question and I will be the first to admit I'm a spaz. Jay would give an immediate 'second' to that as well. I declined the offer but said if I changed my mind I would call in the morning.  

My next appointment is next Wednesday and if the baby hasn't come by then I'll probably schedule an induction date. 

Now I've started operation 'make this baby come out'. I'm going to try everything I can to have this baby....if you have any good suggestions, let me know!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Twins win again

No baby yet. But I thought I'd update you on how the Mankato Twins did yesterday. They won an exciting game (or so I heard) against Miesville 8-4. Now they play this coming Saturday against Dundas at 6:00 p.m. If they win, they'll be in the championship game on Monday. 

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment so we'll so how things are going. I'm already trying to figure out when I need to have this baby by to be discharged in time for the weekend:) 

I'll be sure to post right after my appointment. 

Here is a picture of Jay from the paper today.....getting lots of coverage:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Twins Win

Well the Mankato Twins were able to pull out a victory last night over St. Michael even without their number 1 fan...they won 3-2. Although I wasn't able to be there Vicki gave me inning updates so that was nice.

Tonight they play Miesville at 7:30 in Shakopee. Again, I won't be going. Today I haven't felt the greatest so I've spent most of the day relaxing in bed.  Besides, the Twins will for sure play next weekend so I knew I could catch more baseball next weekend if need be.

Today there was a picture of Jay in the paper and right below it was a picture of Jay's dad, Jeff. Jeff and Jay were both playing in the NAFA world fastpitch tournament this weekend as well. Thought it was kind of cool that they both made the paper right next to each other. Pictures below.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

No baby yet

Well we're half way through the weekend and there is no baby yet. I'm sure i'll go way past my due date now that the doctor thought I'd go early.

I stayed home from the Mankato Twins game tonight and its killing me not to be there. Jay will have his phone on and ready in case something were to happen.

I decided I better stay home being that I have group B strep and if I were to go into labor I should probably get into the hospital to start antibiotics right away considering the doctor thinks I'll go quickly (again probably jinxing me for a long, long labor). Although it appears to be a small chance that you can pass group b strep to the baby, if you do there are chances for complications, some of which are quite I figured it would be best if I stayed home.

Now I'm just hanging out with Emily and Chris and are about to make a run to the DQ....yummy.

Will keep you updated if anything happens....which like I said probably won't:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

38 Weeks and a doctor's appointment

So we just got back from the doctor's office and here is the report:
-Dilated to a 3
-70% effaced
-I've lost 2 pounds which apparently is a 'sign' birth is near
-Said the baby is 'VERY LOW'
-Said the good news is he's on call this weekend and there is a very good chance that he'll be seeing us
-Told him we have a busy weekend (fastpitch tournament thursday and friday in Mankato and Baseball Saturday and Sunday in Chaska/Shakopee). I asked him if I'd have an hour once I go so that I knew if I could go watch baseball. He kind of gave us a look like 'I wouldn't push it too much' but said I should be ok as long as I waste no time in getting in. Thought we would have a couple hours at least but since I'm so far along to get our butts in right away.
-Reality is starting to set in with me that we are actually having a child and it could be very soon. I'm super excited to meet this little person but absolutely terrified of hospitals, needles and pain
Well, if anything happens we'll be sure to post right away...wish us luck! :)

Oh and here are some pictures...38 weeks....they may be my final belly shots. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ultrasound update

We had our ultrasound today. Here's what we found out:
-Heart rate was 155
-Approximate weight is 6 lbs. 7 oz. give or take a pound (that's right, a pound)
-She had a hard time getting an accurate measurement because they use the size of the head to determine the weight and the baby is so low that she wasn't able to get the largest part of the head so she thought it might be bigger than 6 lbs. 7 oz.
-She says the baby has a lot of hair...which it surprises me that they can see that on an ultrasound but she said it appeared the baby had a lot more hair than normal. I have visions of this giant afro now:)
-Other than that she said everything looked good
-We got quite a few pictures but they are hard to see anything because the baby is so big. The only picture that really you can see anything is the picture of the hair...I'll try and post that sometime

Next appointment is Tuesday. We have a big weekend this weekend. Ben and Mary's wedding Saturday and the start of state baseball on Sunday!!! Should be an exciting weekend:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

37 Week Appointment

Just got back from the doctor and here is the latest:
-Heart rate is 156
-Found out I tested positive for Group B strep which isn't anything serious...just means I have to have antibiotics before delivery
-I am dilated to a 2-3
-I am 50-70% effaced (quite the range, I know)....he wrote 60% on the chart so we'll go with that
-The head is down
-The head has entered the birth canal
-I have an ultrasound tomorrow to measure the size of the baby. I asked him if I was going to be having a tiny baby because everyone keeps commenting on how small I am...he said I'm measuring a little small, nothing to be concerned about but scheduled an ultrasound to check (mainly I think to please me)
-Could be days or weeks before the baby comes....who knows
That's it for now. I'll report tomorrow after the ultrasound.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

36 1/2 Weeks

This pregnancy has gone by so fast and I can hardly believe I only have 3 1/2 weeks left. 
Here are some pictures from last night. Please take note of the non white belly (well its still not very dark but at least not glowing)...I treated myself to a spray tan (Sunset Tan style where a person airbrushes you...very interesting). Oddly as it may seem I feel about 10 pounds lighter with my new color:) 
Here are some pics:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby's Room

I've been promising these forever so here are a few snapshots of the room. Next Wednesday our carpet should be arriving. We're not carpeting the room entirely, just creating a large 'rug' if you will, but there will still be wood on the edge of the room. 

Also, I want to make a disclaimer about the pictures that the green on the walls does not show up on camera in true color. The actual color is more of a granny apple green. 

Here they are:
The wall opposite the crib...again, this is not the actual color of green.

The nook with the rocking chair.....

View of the room prior to painting of fish and bubbles on the wall.....

The mobile

The changing table with painted bubbles above

More bubbles....these are painted sporadically throughout the room

The crib

Above the crib there are fish and bubbles to match the bedding

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

36 Week checkup - We have progress

Today I had my 36 week checkup. Here's what I found out:
-Heart rate is 155
-My placenta has moved so I'm all clear for a natural birth (unless something were to come up to require a c-section of course)
-I am dilated to a 2
-I am 50% effaced (and for those of you that don't know what this means, as I probably wouldn't have had a clue before this baby it means that my cervix is thinning out....100% means you're ready to give birth)
-I could stay like this for weeks or I could progress...who knows
-I go back next Tuesday to see where I'm at

Other than that, just trying to get things done around the house and wrap things up at work. 
Now that I've heard I'm making progress 'down there' I feel I need to get things in a somewhat completed state. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mankato Twins make it to state!

As many of you know Jay coaches/plays for the Mankato Twins. Well this past Sunday they clenched a birth at the state tournament. This is the 4th year in a row they will be going....woo hoo! If they continue to win, the finals would be labor day weekend...right around my due date:)

We recently got a new camera and I was able to capture a few pics of Jay playing. 

35 weeks...way late

So technically I turn 36 weeks tomorrow so these pics are a little late coming....but it is not my fault. Thanks to Charter Communications, we have been without internet for over a week. Tonight for some reason it appears to be working so I figured I better blog quickly.
Tomorrow I have my 36 week checkup so I will post more pictures and report on my doctor's appointment after that.

Here I am at 35 weeks: