Thursday, October 30, 2008

All nighter??

I don't even know why I dare to blog about this and jinx ourselves but......Kate slept through the night last night! Well by through the night I mean 11 - 6:15 which in my book, is through the night.

I feel like a new woman today!

At 8 weeks here is where Kate is at:
-Smiling like crazy
-Loves to listen to music and dance (we had a High School Musical dance party with her the other day)
-Her hair appears to be getting almost appears gray in some spots because its blonde underneath
-I've detected some curl
-Slowly trying to transition her out of newborn diapers although the size 1 diapers are ENORMOUS on her. Must have a tiny butt like her mom (ha, yea right)

Here's where I'm at:
-Working a little from home....only when she sleeps though. I made a promise with myself that I would only work as much as she sleeps and when she wakes up I will stop immediately. So that seems to be working good
-My foot is still sore
-I am not excited about sending Kate to daycare and going back to work. I know it will be good for both her and I but our time is just flying by. Whoever says they are ready to go back to work while on maternity leave I think is lying....its just something you tell yourself to make it not seem as bad

Back to jamming out with Kate....we are listening to Rhianna and TI...we're going to have a little hip hop baby i think:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's a hole in my foot...dear liza, dear liza

First of all, I would not normally blog something like this but it was a traumatic day...
So I've had this wart on the bottom of my foot (gross I know) which I developed while I was pregnant. I couldn't have it treated though because I was pregnant. Well it just got worse and worse. So today I finally was able to go in and have it taken care of.

I was planning on just a little freeze job and I'd be out but no, they decided to cut it out. Or as the nurse described it as I was signing my waiver 'you are giving the doctor permission to burn and scrap out the bottom of your foot'. Gross!

So they laid me up on a table face down. While I waited for the doctor two nurses discussed the upcoming procedure in every gruesome detail while I listened (one nurse had never done this before so the other one was filling her in).

They shot my foot up with novocaine which was extremely painful and then began the process. It was the grossest feeling of my life and they kept asking if I was alright as I was breathing heavily and felt like I was going to pass out. I would have rather given birth.

After it was all done they bandaged me up. I go back in a month and hopefully it is gone.

After I left I realized I was bleeding through all the gauze and my shoe was all bloody (reminded me of Romy and Michelle's high school reunion 'i have to go shoe is filling up with blood')

Anyhoo....I've spent most of the day just laying in bed with Kate as walking is quite awkward and painful. Jay will be taking care of my wound as I will probably puke if I see the hole.

And now that I'm done with my gross story, have a nice evening.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This past Saturday Kate was baptized. Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Max serving up some drinks....double-fisting...impressive!

Kate in her adorable dress (same one from the wedding...2 uses...nice!)
Note her cute pearl bracelet from Aunt Chris and Uncle Andy

The yummy cake

Poor quality but us with Kate and the sponsors
Chris, Emily, me, Jay, Kate, Christine, Andy

Being baptized

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Kate is now 7 weeks old and changing every day.
She now weighs 9 pounds. Not big to many considering many babies are born at this weight but when she started at 6 lbs. 13 ounces, she feels like a chunker now.
She is starting to follow objects and often will just stare at Jay and sweet:)

And the greatest thing though is she has started smiling and giggling (or 'social smiling' as the books refer to it). Its been super hard to capture these adorable smiles on camera because the second the flash starts she is startled and the smile usually disappears but here are a couple grins we've caught so far.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kate in the leaves

Yesterday we (who am I kidding, Jay) worked on the yard and raked the leaves in the yard. He had a fabulous idea to take some pictures of Kate in the leaves. We rigged up a little chair and surrounded her with leaves. So although it looks like she may be suffocating in leaves she was merely strategically placed:)

Wish we had time to switch out the white blanket in the background but the sun was seconds away from setting. Still pretty cute.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emily's Wedding

Emily and Chris tied the knot yesterday and it was a fabulous day! The weather was perfect, the couple was gorgeous and we had so much fun. My body aches from dancing so much. 
Kate was a doll in her dress, although she pooped up her back shortly before pictures were about to start. Thank goodness it didn't get on her tights or dress! I have hundreds of shots from the wedding and here are a few (ok well a ton).

The fabulous food at the groom's dinner - Olives did an amazing job!

Flower girl Libby getting her hair done

My hair from the back

My hair from the side

Em before the ceremony

Gazing out the window

The beautiful dress

Kate and I before the ceremony - Kate is naked because of the earlier blowout

The couple:) Awww...

Out of order but the girls peeking at Em and Chris seeing eachother for the first time

Kate and the couple

My mom, Bruce and Kate

Emily, my mom and I

Our little family...Kate has an Elvis lip going on

The girls at Sibley

The fellas

So gorgeous

The girls on the bus

Jay and I on the bus

Sunlight in the veil.....

Christy, Jen and I

My flowers

Their adorable cake

Day after gift opening - Libby and Kate

Kate and Sophie

The most entertaining girls ever!
Kate, Sophie, Libby and Molly

And my favorite photo of the evening - Thanks Christy for taking it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My little sister is getting married!

Such a busy week we have this week:) My little sister, Emily, gets married on Saturday!!! So excited for the wedding and for her. Its been such a fun (sometimes stressful) process helping her decide things for the wedding. Its so much easier when it isn't your wedding. 

Her dress is absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to see her in it with all her hair and makeup done.

I did my last dress fitting today....and it has been kind of a little dilemma. See the dress fits when I've just pumped....however will not zip if I'm in need of milking (TMI for some I know). So...I'll have to pump, jump in the dress and pray to god that I don't get too huge and my dress flies open!

Kate has her dress all ready. I'm super excited to see her in it:) She will be walking down the aisle with me (they are short one groomsmen who went off to the peace corps at the last minute). 

And Jay is an should make for a great family picture:) 

All in all should be a very fun weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going once, going twice....we almost were going to panama...

Last night Jay and I attended the Chef's Auction (a fundraiser for the March of Dimes). It was a fabulous event with tons of food from restaurants all over the area. The food was wonderful and the drinks were plenty strong. 

There was a silent auction, super silent auction and the final event of the evening, the live auction. We were having a grand ole time watching the items sell on the live auction and then it came to the trip to Panama. Someone had donated their vacation spot in Panama for a weeks stay. It looked like an awesome location, however, did not include airfare. 

Jay and I momentarily discussed that we would do the opening bid if it got low enough. (Thinking to ourselves that there was no way in hell we would ever win so why not). I'm sure the alcohol we had consumed made us feel a little bit more 'free' as well. 

And so the bidding began....and this is where the story gets fuzzy and I don't know what the hell happened. The opening bid started at $500 and somehow quickly escalated to $1000...not knowing that it had already jumped to $1000 Jay raised his number. After he did this I proceeded to freak out and tell him he just raised his number for $1000 NOT $500. 

Jay was in denial and was trying to tell both our table and himself that he had not just done that and had bid $500.... as we are all screaming at him that he did indeed place a bid of $1000. Meanwhile the auctionere was feeding for another bid from the crowd and as the moments passed it looked like we were going to end up with this vacation package due to a horrible mistake and a quick, not thinking husband. My heart stopped beating, I was sweating, and thinking to myself 'we just had a baby and cannot afford a trip to panama!!!'

The auctionere pretty much was at the 'going once, going twice....' and someone finally outbid us at the last was such a relief and our whole table was going crazy at the events that just happened. 

Blogging this event just doesn't do it had to be there as it was the most stressful, intense 2 minutes of our lives.  But thankfully, we are not going to Panama. When we got home we researched flights to Panama and they are $800 a person.....needless to say its good we didn't win it or we would have been driving to Panama....if you can even drive there. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cousinly love

Yesterday we were having dinner at Jay's parent's house and Max decided he wanted to hold Kate. Well once he held her he didn't want to stop and kept asking (asking as in kind of grunting and patting his lap) to hold her. Here are a few of the adorable pictures!

Not sure what to think at first...

Studying Kate

Ok I like this now....

Its relaxing sitting on Max's lap...could put a girl to sleep

Howdy Everyone!

5 weeks old

Our little peanut is 5 weeks old already....she's getting so big. Well by big I mean her newborn sized clothes now actually fit and aren't baggy and we may be moving out of newborn diapers sometime soon.

Kate has been awake during the day a lot more now. She loves to go on walks, be read to and take naps on your chest. I'm so thankful she loves to snuggle! 

She's been taking a bottle every once in a while so that makes it easier to run places and doesn't make timing feedings as important. 

Other than that, she's a happy little girl. 

Here are a few pictures from the last week.

Visiting Great Grandma Cleo

My cheekies are really filling out!

Oh yes they are....woot woot