Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

I said I would post pictures of our updated bedroom a while back and so here they (well only 1 picture) are. I can't seem to find the before pictures but just know that we had purple walls and this hideous wooden bed with a mirror headboard and drawers underneath. And it had gold trim. It was really sexy...back in the late 80's early 90's. So here is the newly painted room with new bed and dresser.
We did latte walls with a blue accent wall. Hard to see in the picture but we like it. Much more relaxing:)
Ignore the ugly window treatments....I will be updating those sometime in the near future. Also the bed is really wrinkly but who irons bedding? Certainly not me.

And I have been a really bad blogger. Super busy/crazy week. I promise better things in the future.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

March of Dimes

As many of you know I have walked/raised money for the March of Dimes the past couple of years.
This year, Jay, Kate and I will be walking as a family. The walk is this weekend.

I'm sure most of you know, but the March of Dimes raises money to ensure babies are born healthy.

We are trying to raise $100 as a family and I'm not a big fan of begging for money so I'm just throwing it out there and if anyone wants to donate great. If not, no big deal:)

Here is the link to our page and you can donate right on it:

Thanks in advance and have a great evening!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneak Attack

So the other day at daycare they told me that Kate has been reaching a lot....reaching for her friends that is. They will set her on the floor, turn away and when they look back she is closer to her friends and they can't figure out how she got closer. She can't crawl yet so we determined she must be butt hopping over to them.

Then they said they set her by another little girl and again turned their back and Kate reached for the other little girl and pulled her over....both went tumbling to the floor and started crying.

So the other night Kate was playing with her new baby doll in our bed and as I was watching her play she is quite aggressive! She was tackling the baby, chewing on its limbs and then pulled her nuk out of her mouth and proceeding to beat it over the top of the dolls head!

I hope this isn't a precursor of what's to come down the road...

Who me???
Don't let her sweetness fool ya folks:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Kate's first Easter was great. We went to church in the morning with Jay's parents, my parents and Em and Chris. We then headed to Jay's parents for lunch and then to my parents for supper.
The Easter Bunny was good to us are a few pictures from the day:

Family Picture

Trying a pickle for the first time...actually liked it although she appears to be on drugs

Gently removing the contents of her Easter basket

Easter with my side....Cousin Brennan, Blake and Auntie Em

Lounging in her pretty dress before the day began
Her feet always look like stumps in tights

Windy?? Ha

Dad and Kate taking a break from the Easter Egg Hunt

New cell phone

Some pretty flowers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Fish - Swimming lessons begin!

This past Saturday Kate had her first swimming lesson. For those of you who are thinking 'you crazy fools she's too little' only have to be 6 months old and I figured why not get her used to the water before the summer since I know we'll be at pools and lakes and such.

There are about 12 kids/parents in our class and Kate is the youngest (they were Kate's age up to 3 years old)....I must admit I thought she might hate the water but she did great. The pool water was really warm so that helped.

We (Kate I mean) did the front float, back float, flutter kicks, blew bubbles (we didn't do this one as I was concerned she'd drink the water) and lastly, jumped off the side of the pool into the pool. Oh and we sang some really fun songs. Now we have another fun little activity to do together as family.

Kate in her cherry swimsuit ready for lessons

Front Floating it up

1,2,3! Ready to jump in

Swim buddies
1 successful swimming lesson down...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7 months

Baby Kates is now 7 months old and I feel like my little baby is no more. Now that she is over the 6th month hump I already round up in my head and think 'gosh she's almost one'. Almost gives a girl the itch to have another baby....but then I slowly crash back to reality and realize that would be insane of me. I already see a wrinkle coming thru and I'm only 26...I need to pace myself:)

She is so much fun, an absolute sweetheart and doing lots these days. Here's what she's up to:
-Can sit by herself really well now
-Can pull herself up to a standing position from sitting
-Scoots backwards when on all fours
-jabbers like crazy...dada is still her favorite
-starting to teeth we think
-loves her fruits and veggies much better than when we started
-started drinking from a sippy cup
-can now do pigtails in her hair...super stoked about this...although they are SO hard to put in her hair and there isn't much hair so they kind of fall over:)
-starts swimming lessons on Saturday...hoping she digs the water
-she is now one of the 'big kids' in her room at daycare...I'm sure she'll be moving sometime in the near future...sad
-known for her 'Oooo' face
-just an all around great baby and love her to pieces...makes our lives great:)
That's all...and now some pics

The new sippy

The 'Ooo' face
Hard to see the pigtails...but they are there

Random picture of some cookies Jay frosted for his gals
I ate all but one I think

Kate and her miller lite wristband courtesy of daddy
.....a gal works up a sweat playing all day

Closeup of the wristband

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Britney Spears!!

As you may remember, Jay and my brother-in-law Chris bought my sister and I tickets to the Britney Spears concert for Christmas. Well the concert was this past Friday and it was awesome. The night started with checking into the Marriott hotel for some drinks and getting ready. 

Then we headed out to dinner. On our way, we somehow got stuck in a stairwell while navigating thru the skyways. We went into the stairwell only to find the door lock behind us and the only exit was an 'alarm will sound' exit. Jay checked it out and determined there was no way an alarm would sound as he couldn't see any we opened it and the LOUDEST alarm started going off throughout the building....we took off running down the alley....must have been quite a sight. 

We had a great time at dinner and then headed to the concert. If you were a single man, you
should have been at this concert. Tons of ladies dressed like you wouldn't believe. 

Pussycat Dolls opened and it was great....Britney was next and gave an amazing show. Her latest album is called 'Circus' and the concert was truly like a circus/concert. Awesome. We danced and sang the entire time and were so exhausted that we didn't even make it out after the concert....just went back to the hotel and crashed. 

Let me guide you thru the night with some pictures:

Jay and I at dinner

Em and Chris at dinner
Chris trying to get loosened up for Britney...i think he secretly loves her deep down
The Stage...sold out

Me, Em and Jay

Prom Christy???

Pussycat Dolls


This is what I'm talking about....girls dressed like 'Hit me baby one more time'
The one girl even had on a headset/fake microphone


I saved the best for last. At first glance, you may be wondering what this picture is...look closely my friends. That's right...its a man thong. The guy sitting next to me was something else. Danced seductively the entire concert and was just 'one of the gals' you can see:) Maybe he just didn't want panty lines to show thru his skin tight jeans. Who can blame him:) 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

6 month pictures

I'm really late in posting these. Jen took these a couple weeks ago but they turned out really cute! Here are some of them.

To see all of them, go to this link:
Thanks again so much Jen!!!

This one does not even look like Kate to me:)

I was not at the pictures hence why there are no pictures with me:)