Thursday, May 28, 2009


Every morning Jay takes a picture of Kate and sends it to me at work. I received this one today and this one tops them all....she hates clothing changes and diaper changes and as you can Kate was not digging it today.

As my mom would say, Kate 'you're much prettier when you smile' :)
Excuse the blurry was taken with a camera phone

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Schmo and Inchy

I'm being a lazy blogger tonight and reposting one of Christy's blogs (which I'm sure many of you have already read as you are a faithful reader to both our blogs:)

A couple pictures of Connor and Kate (aka Schmo and Inchy) on their first bike/cart ride together:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She works hard for the pony!

So hard for the pony...
Kate has been yanking her pony tail out lately...turning her back on the thing that has made her so famous. Embrace it Kate, embrace it:)

Somewhat content at this point...

Fat guy in a little coat...'get this thing off my head!'


I give up:(

Monday, May 18, 2009


Kate is officially crawling! Forwards and backwards! She's all over the place and I desperately need to baby proof our house. In addition to crawling she is standing up on everything. She thinks she's pretty cool. Here's a couple pictures and a video of the 2nd time I caught her crawling forward.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updated Pictures

Its been a while since I've been able to update. Since I didn't include any pictures in my last post here are some recent pictures of Kate. She is a crawling/standing machine and getting into everything. 
I also gave Kate her first haircut yesterday. Had to trim the top so her ponytail would be more cooperative. 
Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks:

Showing some attitude....who knew such emotion would result from taking away a spoon

So grown is really starting to fill in
Her ponytail receives many comments wherever we go...its become her trademark


This is an oldie but a hilarious/creepy picture....
my mom has these frightening bunnies at her house....
looks like Kate is praising the bunny gods along with them

The clown smile still is a regular....Jay is frightened by it

Luau party at daycare tonight

Posing for her glamour shot on the beach

Pre-party....playing with her flip flops

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 months

Jeepers its been a week since I've posted and I apologize. Things have been crazy busy with work, softball starting up and Kate has been sick the past couple weeks. Things seem to be settling down a bit now and Kate was diagnosed with an ear infection we're on antibiotics and hopefully on the up and up.

Kate turned 8 months this past Sunday. Gosh she's getting so old so fast. Here's what she's up to:
-Crawls backwards....close to going forward just hasn't mastered it quite yet
-Pulls herself up onto furniture and such
-Jabbers up a storm and appears to be speaking Japanese....says dada but still no mama:(
-Still no teeth but working on some
-no more reports of her attacking other babies at daycare although the one day I went to pick her up another girl was trying to yank Kate over by pulling on her pony...this is the same girl Kate had previously attacked when they fell over....I had to laugh as Kate had it coming to her
-loving the new weather and exploring the outdoors
-weighs in at 17.2 pounds....on sunday someone asked if her and cousin Liam were twins....he is less than 3 months old. Ha
-she has become quite the mama's girl....most of the time its adorable except when i'm trying to get things done around the house and won't let me out of her site

Hard to believe that in just a few short months she'll be a year. I'll post a picture soon once I can take one when her eyes aren't goobered shut (a lovely result of her ear infection).