Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer days...

This past weekend we got to enjoy the beautiful weather at my cousin Nicole's graduation party. And what would be a get together without a photo shoot!

My pretty girl with pretty flower to match!

And the series of failed photo opts with Auntie Em begins...
'Let my caress your sweet face'

Ha...no idea

and finally the newest of Kate's faces...
she rolls her little tongue out and her upper lip looks plump:)
We'll call it 'the angelina'

Mom and Kate

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two teeth!

After a long, semi-crabby week, Kate now has two teeth! They aren't through very far but you can see them and definitely can feel them. Look closely and you can see them on the bottom.


Katie, this one is for you. I looked out our kitchen window the other day to see your house covered with these mounds of red things....I went outside to investigate closer and to my surprise/disgust I realized there are THOUSANDS of little red bugs on your old house.

This picture is from the early stages of the bugs manifestation....there are now about 10,000 of them I swear and they are getting HUGE!

Also, as a side note....your annoying ex-neighbor and his friends are constantly playing in your yard and sitting on the roof of your shed and playing in the garage.

I guess they are keeping prospective buyers away which is probably a good thing because no one will compare to you as a neighbor:)

I will try to take a picture of them now that there are millions of them......enjoy. This picture DOES NOT do them justice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A day at the park

These are a little late but last Sunday we went to the park to celebrate Jay's grandma's birthday. We had fun with the family, looking at the animals and swinging...here are a few pictures from the day.

Ahhhh....the duck/bird/evil thing with wings that wanted to peck our eyeballs out

Playing so hard....Cousin Max was parched!

Adorably sad

Jay and I

Cousin Liam...what a little chunker:)

Swinging is a new found love of Kates!

Swinging with cousin Max

Not impressed with taking a picture with mom

Jay feeding the ponies

Sunday, June 14, 2009

#1 Fan

So I've been dying to get Kate a Mankato Twins onesie and finally ordered one this week. It turned out fabulous and it sure was a hit at the game Saturday. Thanks so much to www.sweetonez.com for putting it together and rush delivering it. I highly recommend them to any moms looking for something custom for their babes:)
Here she is!

The front...

Giving a little over the shoulder pose

And the back!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mankato Twins Fundraiser

As many of you know...Jay coaches/manages/plays for the Mankato Twins (our town team baseball team and class B 2008 state champs baby!)

This Saturday they are having a fundraiser. For $10 you get the following:
-Admission to the game Saturday (game is at noon)
-All you can eat and drink (2 beers free, $1 each after that)
-Chance to win 4 grand prizes
1) John Deere Lawn Mower
2) $200 Cash (courtesy of my mom - Sue Waletich, ReMax Area Experts - www.mankatoareaproperties.com....you can thank me for the plug later)
3) Beer for a year (Good Beer courtesy of Captain Jacks Liquor)
4) Autographed Justin Morneau baseball

PLUS many more prizes throughout the game. You don't need to be present to win the 4 grand prizes though.

If you would like to buy a ticket, contact me at alnessler@gmail.com or you can buy them at the gate the day of the game.

Its a FABULOUS deal and great chance to support my hubby:)
Check out the Twins website here:

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

9 Months

Kate is now 9 months old. Crazy. In a measly 3 months she'll be a year! Here's what our little inchworm has been up to:

-Just got her first tooth last week. Its on the bottom
-Crawls and stands on everything. She is crawling so fast these days that you really have to keep an eye on her. Still need to desperately baby proof the house
-Loves to shut doors (see video below)
-Can 'walk' with assistance
-She can pretty much stand on her own if you just hold her one hand
-Now says mama and dada (woohoo)...however....her 'mama' sounds very angry and mean and I don't like hearing it. Its like she's growling when she says it
-Spits and sticks out her tongue (not cool when you're feeding her and she sprays food all over you)
-She also clucks like a little chicken
-Her new thing is to point at things and babble
-Enjoys eating her puffs
-Loves to go on walks with her daddy every morning
-Now despises diaper and clothing changes 
-Has had 3 hair cuts...trimmed the pony twice (probably 2 inches each time) and then over her ears....it grows so fast!
-Just becomes more of a fun little person every day!

Enjoying the sun (can see the tooth if you look closely)

One of the many new faces

The spitting machine

Flying high

Loves to watch her daddy play ball...in training herself

Walking with daddy's help

Yummy picnic for Kate

Need to crank your head but Kate crawling much faster in this video.
Same outfit as last video....ironic since she has enough clothes to probably never repeat an outfit I swear.