Thursday, July 23, 2009

Security Guard

Jay has been gone the past 3 days in Vegas at an NBA reffing camp. Many of you are probably wondering to yourself.....such things exist?? Yes, yes they do:) Its basically a training camp for refs who aspire to be in the NBA. There is much more as to what it all entails and how he got involved in this but we'll save that for another time:)

We have been missing daddy like crazy and don't like being home alone....especially me....but luckily Kate has assumed the role of security guard to protect us!

She spends hours at the door...
hopefully she doesn't have to make a sudden move,
pants are a wee bit too long:)

You're going to have to get thru me and
my mean watermelon jammies to get into this house!

Waving at a car, person or quite possibly nothing....
I often wonder if she sees ghosts as she waves at nothing sometimes:)

Dad comes home tomorrow morning....yay!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Days Fireworks

Fireworks always mark the end of fun days and Kate stayed up extra late to watch her first fireworks....she was very intrigued by them.


Moments later a change of heart


'A giant, flaming meteorite is going to crash into the earth!!!'
- My poor attempt of capturing the fireworks

That's a little better

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visit from the McMurtry's

This is a little late but last weekend the McMurtry's (Amy, Matt and Austin) came to Minnesota from Nebraska. We were all headed to a wedding in the cities so they came Thursday night. It was great to see them. Austin, their little boy, was born on the same day as Kate.

Not sure what the kiddos thought of one another but I now have documentation of their first meeting in case they get married someday...slideshow anyone?? (sorry connor and're still in the running...Kate's just keeping her options open at this point:) )

Hello friend....may I interest you with a baseball?

They were not amused with my photo taking

Ha, too many potential captions come to mind....I'll just leave it as 'hilarious'

Tuckered out from a night at the carnival

You little stud muffin you!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Final pictures from up north

Took me awhile but here are the rest of the photos from up north. I meant to post them earlier but Kate has been sick for almost a week now with 'the runs'. Lovely I know. She didn't go to daycare at all this week so we're hoping for better things next week. Anyways, enjoy the pics.

Loved the lake...took awhile but she warmed up to it

Splashing away

Beach babe

Lovin the puffs

Not the greatest picture as it was windy....but still pretty scenery

Grandma Sue, Kate and Grandpa Bruce at Bugaboo Bay

Crazy gals

Jay and Chris cooking breakfast...notice the beers at 9 am

Sportin her red, white and blue for the 4th of July

Monday, July 13, 2009

Badmitten, boat rides and a baby squeezer

I didn't really explain in my previous posts where we went on vacation. My family has a cabin up north and Jay, Kate and I, along with my sister and her husband and my mom and step dad spent the weekend of the 4th up there....oh yeah, its in Alexandria.

Here are a few pictures from how we spent some of our time:

Nesslers 10....Lowry's 0
Sorry guys, better luck next time
Also, please note Emily...everyone else is still and she is in full spaz action:)

Beautiful form if I do say so myself

Again...note the birdie and then note emily's racket
and then note emily's face and body...priceless

Kate's first ride on the boat....not much room for the cheekers

and finally...the baby squeezer aka Auntie Em
'Help Me'

Enough posts for tonight....more later this week. Night:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun in the pool

Here begins my series of posts from our recent vacation up north...there will be more to come this week but lets begin with Kate's swim in her kiddie pool.

She was a little unsure at first (hence you can see me sitting in the pool behind her...quite the sight) but anyhoo, she enjoyed it quite a bit more as time went on.

What am I sitting in and why are you all staring at me?

Warming up a bit.....must have seen a boat go by...she was a big boat waver...

Finally warming up and enjoying the water

Splashing away

Whatta goof

More posts to come!

10 Months

Kate is now just a little over 10 months old. She's a doing so many new things its hard to remember them all but just a quick recap:
-Crawling all over the place and standing up on everything!
-Just learned how to climb stairs
-Gives kisses
-Waves at everyone and everything....its a pageant wave
-Likes to dance
-Eating mainly table food for the most part
-Still only has teeth on the bottom
Just a gal on the the go....with tons of personality to match!

Also, I didn't post her 9 month stats so here they are:
Height: 26 3/4 inches (24th Percentile)
Weight: 17 lbs. 12 ounces (32nd Percentile)
Head 17 1/2" (65th percentile)

I admit I've been a bad blogger but I've got many posts in waiting for this week...I promise...and with pictures:)