Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween - Sneak Peak


This picture is from the Golden Heart Halloween party last night....
more pictures to come from tomorrow's adventures.
Also, I have about 7 posts stocked up so be on the look out:)
Bad blogger, I know!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

She walks!

Friday was the first official day of walking! Kate's been taking a few steps here and there but she is now a walking machine. Loves to wear all her new shoes as well. She got some squeaky shoes for her birthday and insisted (and by insisted i mean refused to let go of the shoes until i put them on her feet) on wearing them to daycare Friday. They make a squeaking noise every time she takes a step. Rather cute when she wasn't walking much....poor daycare probably heard endless squeaks the entire day.

Also, Kate had her first 'incident report' at daycare. She was bit by a friend when reaching for a toy. Kate must have seen that this was an effective way to get what you want and has now decided to bite her mother....5 times this weekend to be exact. And hard. We had a stern talking to and hope she does not bring her new found talent back to daycare. She also enjoys hitting me on the head...with the remote.

She really is a sweet girl, I promise:) Lots of hugs and kisses and loves to sit on mommy's lap and read stories. We just need to get over this little 'acting out phase'.

We had Kate's 1 year photos today with Jen and also our family pictures. Praying, praying for some good ones. Kate is battling a cold so between the runny nose and the rather chilly temps outside it was somewhat of a challenge. Thank goodness we had Jen shaking her booty behind the camera to get some smiles:) Can't wait to see them!

Anyways, looks like snow in the forecast for tomorrow....can't wait....I have been fighting the urge to put up my christmas tree for the past couple weeks so I'm sure snow will make me all the more anxious:)

Have a great week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

And now for your viewing pleasure..

Some videos of the inch bomb.

The first....her new native tongue....
.....and now that I watch the video for the millionth time I notice her mouth never moves while speaking in her native tongue.

The 2nd video, brace may want to adjust your speakers....'the shriek'....

And lastly, just some pics of Kate in her Adrian Peterson jersey from Papa Bruce.

For another 'enjoyable' video....please see the post below:)

New Car

No we did not get a new car but Kate did!! I went to work today to find a gift for Kate...what a pleasant surprise.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Angie Schimek for graciously giving Kate this new and awesome toy. Your job must rock. (she sells these toys to schools and daycares and such - fun right??)

Kate loves her new bug car and spent the ENTIRE evening climbing in and out of it. It even has cute little antennas on the front that Kate uses as a place to hold her purse....see below.
Again, thanks so much Angie, and if you need any toddler toy testers...Kate is ready and willing (she told me so).
Her first encounter with 'the bug'! Loves it

Apparently loves the steering wheel as well

And alas, the 'meltdown/freak out due to Kate's purse being stuck on the car antenna' video.
Typical Kate, emotional roller coaster...pure rage followed by whimper and retreat to mom

I should really learn to keep my video camera the right way...or at least figure out how to rotate the final product....sorry.