Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sealed the deal!

Well folks...our big news is....we sold our house! And we've bought a new one! Woo hoo!

As many of you know our house has been on the market since early September. Over the last month we really didn't have too much activity and were prepared to take it off the market in the spring.

In the meantime, we were always looking for new houses, dreaming of more space and a place for our family to call 'home' for a long time. Don't get me wrong, we love our house but with 2 bedrooms and limited space we were already crammed.

So, we found a house that we loved, totally wasn't in our price range but looked at it anyways. Bad idea, as I was trying to find things I hated about the house I fell more in love. We knew the people selling the house and knew they had placed an offer on another house and needed to sell their house by January 15th to secure their new house.

Well Tuesday, the week of the 15th we got an offer on our house. Wednesday we decided to throw out an offer on the house we wanted (really I was quite hopeless that they would accept because it was lower than they wanted but all we could afford), figuring they maybe would accept our offer because they had a deadline as well. And wouldn't you know, by Friday we had a done deal! Its crazy how everything fell into place and is so true 'if its meant to be it will be'!

So anyhoo, we move February 12th....yes February 12th. Eek! That's like 2 weeks away and so we've been packing like crazy, getting all the paper work in line and enduring lots of stress. Ha.

I wish I had pictures of the new house but here's a little insight about it:
-Located in South View....just off of Stotlzman Road if you are familiar
-Rambler, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
-Ravine Lot with huge backyard with fire pit and swing set (lot is approx. 1 acre)
-4 season porch, 3 season porch
-and just lots of room for us and Kate!

We're super excited to move in and this is truly a house we could live in forever.
I'll post pictures as soon as we move in.
So anyways, that's our big news. Sorry, no baby for all of you that were speculating that...someday:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kate's New Hat

Again, late in posting this but Kate got a new hat from her friend Olivia Fritz. Olivia hand made it herself!!

Olivia, Kate loves it and it is beautiful! Thanks again!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I must finish the Christmas posts....

dang, talk about a delay. In an effort to move on with my blogging life I must finish up xmas....so here are some more pics to feast on. First some pictures from the pool at the hotel we stayed at during christmas.....

Senior portrait anyone???
Jay's brother Andy

Blowing bubbles

Cousin Liam

The boys and their babes
Andy, Max, Jay and Kate

Kate looking unsure and Jay giving me 'the look'

Naked baby on the loose!
Kate escaped from our room and took off down the hall

And now to finish up my Christmas posts...Christmas at my mom's

Helping Grandma unwrap her present

What I love about this picture is cousin Blake's loving expression towards Kate....

Showing off her new set of dishware!

In love with her new vacuum
And that's it for Christmas my friends. Lots more to come soon. Lots happening in the Nessler household...you'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas - post #3

On Christmas eve night we ventured (in the blizzard) from Nicollet to St. James to celebrate with Jay's family. Every single person from Jay's family was able to make it which was awesome. We spent a couple nights in St. James at the trusty Super 8 Hotel. Decent considering we were in St. James but if any of you know me...i have a phobia of hotels in general and find them absolutely disgusting.

Here are some pictures from our time in St. James:

Jay and Kate enjoying her first time playing in the snow
And yes, that is a matching hat to the lovely shirt pictured in post 1
Stunning i know

The snowman

Kate was playing in the snow in fake uggs and tights....totally not dressed appropriately for the weather but was begging by the door to go outside with everyone. Jay was struggling to keep her snow free.

Some footage of Kate's first time sledding

Looking dang cute in her sweater dress

Kate took her elf duties of handing out presents very seriously

Kate and cousin Max

And now....the attempt at a group shot of all the kiddos....
take 1

take 2

take 3

So the group picture was kind of a bust -
the next pictures are close ups of each of the kids during the chaos....
Kate and the disappearing neck

Max scarfing down the little one's treats

Lily just wanted her apples

Oh Liam....

Maybe next year....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas - Post #2

Our next chistmas was held in Nicollet with my dad's side of the family. Even with the weather almost everyone was still able to come. It was great to see everyone.

Christmas eve morning at our house
My little morning glory:)
I took a picture of the two of us together
but will spare you the horror of what I look like in the morning.

Hard to see but Santa's signature from the night before
She was very proud

A little video of Kate and I hanging out by the glow of the xmas tree.
Kate loves to tell you what Santa says.

She cleans up well! Relaxing before heading to Nicollet

I love how she hugs my head when I give her rides


Kate and uncle Chris...she has him wrapped around her finger

Jay and Emily enjoying the festivities
I swear every picture of you two
you are attacking him and he has the look of 'she is squeezing me' :)

Kate and auntie Em

The gals

Now...let me explain this. Every year at the Holmin Christmas we have a cake walk. (may have talked about this on a blog post from last xmas but let me refresh your memory).
All the grandchildren and great grandchildren participate and if you win you get to pick something from the prize table. The prizes are an array of random awesomeness!
Grandma Cleo stocks up year round in preparation.
A hat that was a prize that looks more like a construction cone on her head.

All of us trying to win prizes

Not your average cake walk...beer in hand.

Emily's outfit brought me much enjoyment...god your booties killed me
Tired and exhausted but we finally won.
Ta da....Kate's prize from the cake walk: 3 in 1 laundry detergent/softener/static sheet

Ok more blog posts to come later....I'm spent and am losing my blogging charm.
Good night!

Christmas - post #1

Well Christmas was a whirlwind this year. With 6 or 7 christmas celebrations to attend (i lost count) we were one busy family. And not even a snowstorm could stop us from getting to our parties.

This will be a series of posts I'm sure as all the festivities cannot be detailed in one post. So lets begin shall we??

Our first christmas was spent at Jay's parent's house celebrating with his immediate family. I think we all will agree that this year was far more chaotic than years past with 3 little ones terrorizing the living room:) It was a great time and we even had Santa come and visit!

Can't go to Grandma's house and not eat puffs!

Family picture...don't even ask what Jay is wearing.
Its as beautiful in person as it is on film

Grandma and Grandpa with Max, Liam and Kate
Max arrived at Christmas wearing that dragon outfit.

Lumberjack and Max

Kate loved sitting on her presents

Well hello Liam:)


This is the same santa that visited me as a child.
He must have fondly remembered me as well as he was rubbing my arm....
Jays older brother andy, wife chrissy, max and liam

Jay's mom, dad and younger brother Scott

Our awesome new pullovers courtesy of Jay's brother Scott!
Go Twins!