Friday, February 26, 2010

Settling in

Long time, no post. What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. Here's a recap:
-Kate moved to the toddler room at daycare and appears to be adjusting quite well. Not napping very long (they no longer sleep in cribs but in a room all together, all at the same time) so that can make for some cranky nights but we're slowly adjusting
-The same week kate moved to the toddler room we moved out of our house and in with Jay's parents
-At the end of that week we moved into our new house (but didn't close til the following week due to delays...can you say stressful)

So alas, we are finally getting settled. We haven't unpacked much but have the necessities. We're loving the new place and all the new space. We've even done some painting which is really making it feel like ours. I'll post pictures soon but have to organize them all.

So lots of changes...especially for Kate. Also, we've all been sick the past few weeks with colds/sinus infections. I'm hoping we're finally on the mend although today Kate was sent home from daycare with a fever. Took her to the doctor thinking it was an ear infection but they think its just a cold. I did get to watch them pick a load of wax out of her ears though and it was so cool to watch! That may be causing some of her troubles. And for those of you thinking i'm a bad mom who doesn't clean her ears....i clean them constantly but we've been told she's extra waxy and is going to require a doctor to remove the deeper stuff every once in a while. Fun huh??

Pictures coming soon....perhaps tomorrow. So happy its the weekend! Yay!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

1 Year Pictures

These are WAY overdue but here are some of Kate's 1 year and family pictures that our good friend Jen took ( They were taken in November and its amazing how much Kate has changed since then.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wacky Hair Day

Yesterday was wacky hair day at daycare. Just so happens, Kate has the perfect hair for such a day.
Really, I could have just sent her looking how she does when she wakes up in the morning but we decided to spice it up with a few extra ponys:)

The front
I promise she's not as sad as she looks

The back
Everyone was surprised that she would sit for so long while i did this
Works pretty good when she just woke up and was still sleepy

Oh and it was backwards day as well....double the fun!

Wacky hair day was cut short when I received a call around 3 that Kate was running a fever and needed to go home. Daycare policy states they have to be gone 24 hours when they have a fever so we spent the day at home together today.

The big move starts this weekend....wish us luck!

Monday, February 1, 2010

4 days left of infant-hood

Well, its official. Kate will be moving on up in the daycare world and become *sigh* a toddler. This is her last week as an infant and boy is she whooping it up in her final days. Here's what the little bugger has in store:
Today: Inside out day
Tuesday: Pajama Day
Wednesday: Wacky hair day and backwards day
Thursday: Costume Day
Friday: Sports team day
I will try to post pictures of all.

Also, kate is the 'friend of the week'. This basically means there are a variety of pictures of her hung outside her room so everyone can get to know her:)

All this amidst trying to pack in preparation for our move, which will slowly be starting this weekend. Its probably good we've been so busy so I have been distracted by other things and haven't been focusing on the fact that my baby is getting older. But its time. She looks huge next to some of the babies in her room and its time for her to move on to bigger and better things. She is moving with 3 friends and rejoining some old friends in the toddler room so hopefully it is a smooth transition.

And before we part, here is a picture I received at work today from daycare. The infant room has a bridge that the kiddos climb and walk over....and must have appealed to kate as a comfy place to crash. Looks like the excitement of the weekend just was too much and she collapsed out of sheer exhaustion! I know exactly how you feel Kate!