Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Chicks

The people who's house we bought moved to a farm and recently got some chicks. Since Jay's parents work with both the husband and the wife they invited us out to see the chicks. They were so adorable and would they stay that size I would get one as a pet. I was actually quite surprised that Kate was digging them...since she was even scared by the fake dog mannequin at Old Navy...but she was really quite welcoming.

A little unsure at first...

The look of fright...
however I think this was because we were trying to put it by her face

There we go...hello friend


So many cheesy captions come to mind....lets roll with this one
3 cute chicks

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cheese ball

Kate has been getting really good at her 'cheesing' for the camera....the photos really speak for themselves and don't really require any captions. I will say though that she is looking quite 'jay-ish' in these photos....the boy pajamas probably add to it but we were at grandma's and limited options:)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Golden Heart 5k Fun Run/Walk & Kids 1/2 mile

Many of you probably already read about this on Christy's blog (because I know how you adore us both) but in case you missed it or just need a friendly reminder....May i present to you the....

1st Annual Golden Heart 5k Run/Walk
Saturday, May 15th
Benson Park, North Mankato (MAP)
5k - 9 am (runners, walkers and strollers welcome!)
1/2 mile kids run - 10:15 am
Activities (face painting, balloon animals, photo booth) - 9-11 am

Pre-register by April 30th for reduced entry fees ($15), guaranteed t-shirts and grab bags!
Click here to download the registration form

Hope you can attend as the proceeds benefit Golden Heart Daycare (Kate's daycare) and also because Christy and I are putting on this fabulous event:)

See you there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Welcome myself! Its been a while. I contemplated even hanging up the blog because it had been far too long and I was ashamed. Then a good friend told me one of her good friends was missing my blog and so I set my differences aside and decided to get back on the bike....this one's for you Rachel Gaynor. That's right...I just gave you a blog shoutout. And here's one for Bryan Bode...I know you've been shaking your head at my bad blogging as well.

So I will slowly work my way back into this but let's start with Easter shall we? It was a lovely day with great weather. We spent most of the day outside. Kate participated in the easter egg hunt and knew exactly what to do. It was very cute to watch.....and now some pictures:

Mentally preparing for the hunt

Found an egg!

Off for more eggs....

Nobody better touch my eggs...

Work it, work it

More blogs to come....:)