Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Dance

This past weekend we attended Jay's cousin's wedding in St. James. It was a beautiful wedding/ceremony and we had a great time dancing. This was the first time the kiddos (Kate, cousin Max and cousin Liam) really ever had been to a wedding dance so it was fun to see.

We danced for about an hour and had a blast watching the kids get down. Here are some pictures from the evening....not sure what setting my camera was on for half of them but they are very psychedelic:)

Let the dance begin

We started with a simple clap


Max and I breakin it down

Hello pretty girl

The nugget and I

Cousin Max and Grandma Vicki

They were dancing on their backs


Twirling was discovered this night

Cousin Liam getting his groove on

Exhausted on the dance floor

The mentor and his mentee....
one can only hope she inherits such smooth moves

Uncle Scott rocking the air guitar

So dark....but if you hit the right angle you can see Mr. Footloose himself
followed by Max and his miraculous spins!
If nothing else, the audio is phenomenal


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kate's new 'pants'

We've been potty training Kate off and on for a few months. She goes most of the time when you offer up the potty but are still a few months off at least from a full transition.

To help with the transition she got some mini mouse underwear that she is now obsessed with! In fact, we have to hide them or she wants to wear them all the time. Most of the time, we just put them over her diaper....but as you will see in the following pictures she also likes to wear them on her head. May I present to you, the many looks of Kate and her new 'pants'.

Who knew 1 accessory could have so many looks?!?! So versatile.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July Giveaway - Stationery Set

Its time for another giveaway. This month's prize is a beautiful set of personalized note cards from Pear Tree Greetings.

They just released their new collection and already have my eye on a few for myself. Also, they make great gifts for people as well. I gave my sister some last Christmas which she loved:)

Here's how to enter:
1) Post a comment on this post telling me your favorite note card design - view all of them here
2) Become a fan of Pear Tree Greetings on facebook by clicking here. Then leave another comment on this blog saying you're a fan. If you're already a fan, that's great, you still can leave an additional comment on the blog saying you're already a fan.
3) Tell your friends about this giveaway on your facebook or blog and then leave a comment on this post saying you did so

Feel free to leave multiple comments telling me all the designs you love for more chances to win.

Contest ends July 31st at midnight.
1 lucky winner will be selected at random on August 1st.

Good Luck!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Duluth Vacation

As mentioned before, a couple weeks ago we went on vacation with Jay's family 70 miles north of Duluth. It was pretty remote so it was nice to kind of be separated from civilization. The weather was great and we had lots of fun throwing rocks into Lake Superior, having campfires, eating and relaxing.

There are a ton of pictures and they are in no particular order.

First a random picture of max, kate and myself

Us again on the 'beach' outside the cabin in Duluth

A battle for space...Max, Liam and Kate at Lutsen

Kate and I on the gondola ride, ready to head up the mountain

The view on the way up

So beautiful

On the top of Lutsen

Dad and Kate riding down the alpine slide at Lutsen

Kate loved it and said 'wee' the whole way down

Jammin out to Mickey Mouse at the cabin

We also watercolored

Kate and Jay I think at Grand Marais?

While out shopping, Kate found a plush chair she loved

Kate, Max, Liam, Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Vicki and Liam
with the cabin the background


More cousinly love

The was a dome home

Kate and Jay at the waterfall we hiked to

Slowly going into the was cold

Andy, max, jay, kate, scott and liam at the waterfall

Sunset at Lake Superior


we loved throwing rocks into the lake

Bright with the sunset but cute

Uncle scott and kate

Jay and Kate

My favorite picture from the trip

So many pretty sites

Excitement while watching Dad light fireworks

Enjoying one of many fires by the lake

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Golden Heart 4th of July Parade

Last Thursday was the annual Golden Heart parade. This year, Kate was old enough to walk the route (which consists of a couple laps around the block but must be challenging for those short legs!) She did great and was very serious about her role in the parade. When she spotted me she refused to smile but very seriously repeated over and over 'hi mom, hi mom, hi mom'. Towards the end of the parade she broke free when she spotted grandma vicki but the teachers were able to get her back in line with little trouble.

Testing out the 'action' setting on my camera before the start of the parade
Emily makes the perfect test subject

Here come the kiddos! No sign of Kate but Connor is a pro!

"Hi mom, hi mom, hi mom"

All business

Attempting to pose while being towed by a rope is tough

And away they went

Don't you just want to break out into yankee doodle?
Maybe its just me

Ha, oh Connor

Again, no smiles


And finally a shot of the larger group...with Kate bringing up the rear
this was right before she broke free