Saturday, September 25, 2010

14 and Counting

For those of you who aren't aware by now, Jay and I are excited to announce that there will be a new addition to the Nessler family. I'm due March 25th or so which makes me 14 weeks as of yesterday.

We told our families about two weeks ago. We recently had pictures with our good friend at Jennifer Bahn Photography and she helped us with telling our families. I had her send me a few of the proofs to show our families and within them was this little picture:

Some expected it and some were shocked. My mom's reaction was probably the cutest, shock and then tears:)

We then told Kate she was going to be a big sister and she has been talking about it non-stop since. Not sure if she fully grasps the concept though as she tells people she's 'going to have a baby sister' instead of 'i'm going to be a big sister'. She also thinks that the baby resides in my chest....which they have grown so i can see the confusion:)

This pregnancy I've felt very different than when I was pregnant with Kate. I really haven't felt sick at all but have been extremely tired and am in bed by 8:30 every night. Other than that, besides having the skin of a 15 year old I'm great. I have a slight baby bump that seems to appear each night but am able to hide it for the most part. I'll probably start taking belly pictures at some point but not sure when.

Since this baby is due at the exact opposite time of year Kate was due I need to find a new pregnancy wardrobe. Luckily it'll be winter and I'll be able to cover myself up for the most part and not have to worry about sweating my butt off like last time. Hopefully I'll be able to wear my normal clothes for a while here and just buy enough to get by.

I've had 2 doctor's appointments. The first one was at 8 weeks and we were able to see the little nugget on the ultrasound. Very cool! At my 12 week appointment two weeks ago the heart beat was around 160-170. I should also mention that I had to switch doctor's. The doctor that delivered Kate moved to another clinic so I had to find another doctor. Luckily I was able to get in with the doctor that I had originally wanted 3 years ago but at the time was too busy to take new patients.

Other than that, just trying to enjoy the ride and my expanding waistline. I'm sure I'll be a better blogger now that there will be more changes to come:) Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kate's 2nd Birthday Party Bash

We had Kate's 2nd birthday this past Saturday at our house. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be in a house that could actually hold everyone! We had our family over and it was a great time. We had wonderful food (thanks to everyone who brought things), super yummy cupcakes, sang multiple rounds of 'happy birthday', opened presents and ended the evening with a bonfire. Kate is very loved little girl. Thanks to all who came to celebrate and for all the wonderful gifts!

My tutu gal riding a 4-wheeler

Slaving away in the kitchen...ok perhaps just cutting buns

Kate and Max eating at Kate's new adorable table from G&G Nessler

The delicious cupcakes....they were Raspberry tasty!
And of course, I ordered them....I am not capable of such a thing

Opening gifts

Showing off one of her new outfits

Blowing out the candles. We sang happy birthday to Kate 3 times
and once to max:)

All the grandparents and great grandparents!

One would think this is Kate jumping but its actually her 'skipping'
I will try to get a video....believe me, its worth the wait:)

Em and Chris at the bonfire

Family photo that for once turned out ok:)

Chris and Max roasting marshmellows

Kate in her adorable new apron from Great Grandma Cleo!

Resting after a long day with her new baby doll