Sunday, October 31, 2010

19 Weeks

Jeez almost to the 1/2 way point. Crazy! Here is the weekly picture. Not much to update since the last post....just growing. Next appointment in a couple weeks. Its about time I start looking at some baby names...pretty much have nothing. Any suggestions are welcome:)

And Kate has started to make it a tradition to take her picture with me as well
It usually takes us a good 5 tries to get a decent one...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Little Monkeys Swinging from a Tree

Here is a cute little video that Kate and my sister Emily made. I wasn't even aware Kate knew this song but she must do it at daycare....this was the first time i've seen her do it but boy did she get into does Em:) Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultrasound for nessler nugget #2

Today we had our 'big' ultrasound. From what we could tell today, baby is doing good and still on track for a March 25th due date. He/she weighs a whopping 9 oz. and the heart rate was 144. We were able to get some decent pictures of the little tyke. I did ask the technician if she was able to tell the sex (had we wanted to find out) but because baby was so tightly scrunched in the fetal position she said it would be nearly impossible. Which is good, because had she said yes i may have buckled and said 'tell me!'

And here are some pictures from the ultrasound. Still so amazing to see everything!

Bottom of one of the feet

Legs and the butt (imagine looking up from under the legs and butt)
and no that is not a penis between the legs....she said it was the cord:)

Leg and foot

All of fav:)

Little hand

And time for Christy's favorite...the 3D shot (she actually hates these)
Really hard to see because the placenta is covering half the face
But you can see the shoulder, mouth, part of the nose and eye

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18 Weeks

Well its about that time for a a pregnancy update. I am now 18 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty darn good. To be honest, i forget I'm pregnant half the time. But then there is my growing waistline to remind me. And of course i find myself uber sensitive at times as well.

I've regained most of my energy and my skin has hopefully learned that I am not 15 and can quit producing pimples.

Kate continues to look for babies in my chest and is always talking about her baby 'seeester'. She has been preparing for her new role by welcoming the younger toddlers into her class, holding their hand and giving them hugs. Her sheet said the other day that she is the 'mother hen' of the class.

And now some belly shots. I'm kind of slow getting started but figured i better start now than to start out with like 28 weeks and all of you be like 'holy crap she's huge'. So we'll do a gradual progression so its not as big of a shock.

Here's an unofficial picture at 16 weeks. Ignore the extremely messy background of clothes.

Here is 18 weeks. I swear within moments after taking this picture I gained an instant 10 pounds. You will see in the next week's picture.

And me and the inch worm on my 28th birthday (morning of the pictures)
Love her all cuddly and warm in her jammies:)

We have our big ultrasound this coming tomorrow. I'll be sure to post afterwards and update.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr. Fix it does it again

I spoke too soon. As I sat upstairs blogging my last post a few minutes ago....unbeknown to me, my 'lovely' husband was downstairs mangling my basement. When we bought the house, a rather large tv came with the house....well because it was built into the basement wall and there was no option of removing it.

Jay decided to take the liberty to remove it himself, without my knowledge and in the process ripped part of the wall off, not to mention left a GIANT hole in the wall from the living room to the bedroom. WTH?!?! are we going to do with this hole, i don't know. He claims we can just put our tv from upstairs, downstairs and buy a new tv for upstairs. This was all part of his evil plan to get a tv. I know it!

To top it off, we have guests coming to stay in that room this weekend. Talk about privacy!
Jay claims we can just hang a sheet there....como se what? Stay classy. So much for my nice looking basement!

Not noticable at all!!
Take your pick on which door you want to use to get to the bedroom

The crazy fool who mangled my basement
I swear everything he touches ends up costing us more
Love you!

New Carpet and Such

Well tomorrow is an exciting day folks. We get new carpet in our basement. As some of you may recall, we got water in our basement, twice, back in June. Needless to say we attempted to clean the carpet twice and still the stains remained. Also, there was somewhat of a concern for mold and so we are getting new carpet. I'm super excited because the basement needed some warming up and hopefully this new carpet will do it.

This new carpet process has also forced us to paint our spare bedroom in the basement (because the carpet and all the furniture were out it just made sense and was quite easy).

So anyhoo, I'll post pictures of before and after once we're all complete.

For the rest of the week....tomorrow we have gymnastics...which I will say is getting better. The first few weeks were like herding cattle. Kate had no idea what was going on and was terrible at following directions. Now that we are in our 5th week or so she's starting to pick up on moves and is listening slightly better. I'm exhausted at the end of every class though.

Other than that...feeling good. Just feeling like i'm growing non-stop and wish i would get out of this chubby feeling stage. More about my pregnancy in a later post.

Have a good night.