Thursday, December 30, 2010

Death of a Treadmill

So my morning workouts have been going good. Up until a week ago I had been getting up and walking on my treadmill in the basement. That is, until I became to heavy for it. Let me backtrack a bit...

So the treadmill was given to us from my mom and it is old, really old. Like maybe 15 plus years old?!? Its extremely narrow and has a turn dial to increase the speed. Over the last few weeks i started to feel the belt of the treadmill start to stick slightly when I'd take a step. This resulted in me walking like a camel through the Sahara. My crushing weight was impeding the belts ability to move. Now I know many of you will say that it wasn't the weight but really it is....a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) was also deemed 'too heavy' to walk on it and the belt did the same thing to them...actually it wouldn't even move. Needless to say it wasn't an effective workout, made me angry with every step and I needed to find an alternative.

So I looked into buying a new treadmill or elliptical but decided it was more than I wanted to spend and I was paying for a gym membership at the Y so figured I better try there. The only problem is, the Y doesn't open til 5. So now, every morning I get up, go to the Y and am literally waiting in my car for them to open the door. Then its like black Friday and everyone rushes to the doors to workout. I race down to the fitness center, hop on a machine and try to get 25-35 minutes in before I then have to race back home, get myself showered and ready, get Kate ready and get us out the door and to daycare and work by 7.

And you know what....i love it! I really have no problem getting up and I love my time at the Y watching Kare 11, just enjoying time to myself and a good start to my morning.

My goal is to continue to do 4-5 days a week (which I had been doing at home). I actually am more motivated to keep going to the Y as I see the same people every day and even though we never speak, feel like they expect me there just like I expect to see them there.

So hopefully I can keep it up for at least 2 more months and then we'll have to analyze how I'm feeling. I may want to start stock piling my sleep at that point:)

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

27 Weeks

27 weeks and less than 3 months til my due date! This is going by way too fast and I'm reminded that I need to get working on some names for this new babe.

The holidays were great and I tried to not eat too much but of course couldn't resist all the goodies the festivities had to offer. I at least tried to keep working out over the holidays to somewhat combat it.

Not much has changed. Still growing, still waking up numerous times throughout the night to go to the bathroom and still plenty of kicking. Lots of kicks to the ribs....which i hate when i'm touched in the ribs period (gives me a gross, nails on a chalkboard feeling) to be internally kicked in the ribs is very disgusting to me:) Other than that, getting a little more tired and finding it harder to keep up with Kate.

Next appointment is Tuesday and then I'll start going every 2 weeks shortly after.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 Weeks

Well I had my last doctor's appointment this past Thursday and all is well. I'm measuring right on track and everything sounds good. I do have a slight rash on my stomach that we have narrowed down to the fact that my stomach is growing and rubbing more on my clothing. I had to laugh though....when going through the possible causes he says 'have you been tanning?' I bursted out laughing and said 'c'mon doc....look at me. You and both know I have not been tanning.'

He investigated the bleeding a little further and thinks its coming from a bruised spot on my cervix but there was no cause for concern. I can proceed with life as normal although I think I'll take it easy on the cleaning;)

Hard to believe the holidays are less than 2 weeks away. Still have lots of shopping to do!

And here are the latest pictures....I swear the camera makes me look smaller than i actually am because I feel huge at times. I guess it all depends on how the little baby is sitting. And he/she is an active one and is moving all the time, hence why my shape is changing constantly.

Welcome back to the pictures Miss Kate!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Mozart

Sorry for the angle....but I can't figure out how to rotate the video.
Here is my baby prodigy and her mad skills on the piano.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pear Tree Greetings Giveaway Winner Announced

And the winner of the $30 Pear Tree Greetings gift card is....
Emma B.

Emma, you have 24 hours to email me at
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Thank you to all who entered and keep checking back for more giveaways!

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