Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The 'Dougie' - Nessler Style

So if any of you know my husband Jay, you know he has pretty good rhythm for a white boy. He prides himself on learning new dances to bust out at random events like bocce ball parties, trips to small town bars, etc. He learns many of his moves via the internet. His latest is 'the dougie' which I'm sure many of you may be aware of. While teaching himself he decided to teach Kate. Kate has a much more scaled down version but is improving her technique and even is teaching her little brother!

So without further ado, here it is, 'The Dougie'.....
First for your reference, this is how the dance is supposed to go (performed by Chris Brown). Take special note of 'the strapping in' and 'wheelchair' at approx. 27 seconds.
Click Here

And now Kate's version. For your translation she's saying 'Its dougie, its fresh, strap it in and wheeeeelchair'

Lastly, Passing down her moves to baby Miles


Monday, April 25, 2011

What I've been up to

I know many of you had been beginning to wonder if I fell off the face of the earth...close but not completely. I will blame my lack of blogging on one word - EXHAUSTION. You see, I have this little boy that refuses to sleep more than 2 hours at a time at night. So between feeding, burping, changing and soothing back to sleep, I probably have a good 1 - 1 1/2 stretch of sleep at a time. This means during the day I'm a complete and utter zombie and walk around in a fog most of the day:)

So what have I been up to you ask? Here is our life in a nutshell....
-5 weeks: That's how old Miles will be tomorrow! The weather has been cold and rainy/snowy so we've spent most of our days sleeping on the couch and snuggling.
-Couch Potato: I'm now addicted to at least 10 tv shows and my dvr is working overtime. My current addictions: the real housewives of orange county, Mob Wives, Khloe and Lamar, Dance Scene, Extreme Couponing, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Saddle Ranch, Real Housewives of New York and endless hours of the today show. Sad, I know. I'll cut back once the weather gets nice...if the weather ever gets nice i should say
-Milk Maid: After 3 visits to lactation I'm happy to report that I'm doing much better and there is no more bleeding (thank the lord)
-My new assistant: Kate is my right hand woman. She is such a great little helper and finds it fun to help me get things and help with Miles' needs. Anytime Miles cries I hear 'Its otay Miles....I'm right here' and she repeats it over and over:)
-Two Week Stats: A little overdue but here they are:
Height: 21 1/4 inches (93rd%)
Weight: 8 lbs. 1 oz. (59th%)
Head: 14 1/2 inches (71st%)
-Bloody poop: Our most recent issue is blood in Miles' poop. After a couple instances I called the doctor today and they had me bring him in. They believe its from a little cut/tear within but we'll keep an eye on it. Also, they think he's suffering from acid reflux so we have him on medicine to hopefully cure that. Also, he now weighs a whopping 10 lbs. 2. oz.
-In conclusion: loving my time off, loving my new little man and loving our new family of 4!

And now some pictures....some oldies I found from before we even left the hospital to recently.

Before leaving the hospital

Jay and the kiddos on one of our first nights home

Ha, Kate helping me with Miles' first bath....
He hated it

But a happy little boy once out and fresh and clean!

My cuties

Roughly 4 weeks old here

Kate on her new bike she got for Christmas

We have a thumbsucker....although I've been trying to steer him to a nuk
You can take away a nuk but you can't take away a finger

Our little Nancy Drew....solving mysteries with her magnifying glass...
and rain boots...on the wrong feet

Love them:)

And I promise to try to be a better blogger. Next on the blogging docket, the highly anticipated 'dougie' video and easter.