Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For my birthday?

Kate is obsessed with birthdays...whose birthday is next, when her birthday is, etc.
She knows her birthday is September 3rd and knows its coming up soon.

While in Target on Saturday she found a lawn chair that she insisted she needed. I told her not today and she kept pressing so I said 'maybe for your birthday' which seemed to suppress her need for it and she simply replied 'ok' and we moved on. So then we're walking in the mall and she sees a pillow pet (which she already has one of) and goes 'can i get this mom?' To which i reply 'no not today hun' and she goes 'ok, maybe for my birthday'. So this goes on for a couple more items.

Then we proceed to go into Victoria's Secret. We're looking at lotions and such and she picks up a lip gloss and again, in a very serious voice goes 'mom, i NEED some of this' to which I again reply 'not today hun' to which she then again replies 'ok maybe for my birthday mom?'. Sure why not.

By this time, I'm getting exhausted from all the questions so we decide to just leave. As i'm walking out I notice Kate isn't by me. I stop and turn to look back into the store where I see my little girl holding a little...pink...thong.

Before I could say anything she shouts very loudly 'Mom, can I get this?' I nervously shout back across the store 'honey those are for big girls, please put it back'. Meanwhile in my mind I'm thinking 'dear lord that thing is tiny enough to probably fit you and lets just get out of here before you start talking about the type of undergarments I wear, etc). Kate then matter of factly shouts back 'I'm a big girl. How about you get it for my birthday, otay mom?' (all okays are pronounced 'otay' in her world) She then nodded her head yes and smiled (as if thinking to herself 'that's a fabulous idea kate'), tossed the barely there string back onto the table and made her way happily to me as everyone around basked in the hilariousness of what just happened.

If this is her birthday wishlist at the age of 2 going on 3... I'm scared to see what she's asking for her birthday when she's 15....yikes!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nessler Nutshell

Because our lives are now a whirlwind with two crazy kiddos and I don't have as much time for blogging these days, I figured I'd dedicate a quick post to what we've each been up to.

-Smiles and Giggles McGee.
-Been rolling (yes rolling) for 2 weeks. I felt like a crazy mom checking the 'yes box' on the daycare questionaiire of 'can your child roll' but luckily they've witnessed it now too and know I'm not a looney.
-Like I said before, getting up 1-4 times a night. He's cute and cuddly so he gets away with it for now
-Has discovered his hands, tongue and kicks like a mad man

-Everytime Miles smiles at her she says 'He's smiling at me! What a sweetheart!'
-Rolls with a posse these days. She sleeps with 14 dolls and animals which she arranges nightly before bed. Some of which are hard plastic toys. Ouch.
-Declared that she is no longer going to wear diapers to bed. Been a week so far with no accidents (knock on wood)
-Nuk has been dead for almost a month now. All it took was a Barbie although the first few days were like dealing with a drug addict
-A diehard baseball fan
-Fascinated with my 'pumping'. Today she goes, 'Mom are you pumping??' and then goes 'You pump like this' while giving an impression of how I pump....lets just say it looked like someone milking a cow. No, more like a small goat.

-Her hair decided to have a identity crisis yet again. While pregnant it went super curly and now will neither curl nor straighten resulting in a low ponytail everyday. Luckily its easy and is semi-cute
-Lack of sleep results in her being in a constant fog all day
-Between pumping, feeding, washing pumping parts, repeating and rearing children finds little time to blog or do anything for herself for that matter (there will be a day, i hope)
-Finished my first book in a long time (The Help). Great read and probably one of the first books I've read since reading like Hatchet in middle school. Ok probably have read since then but can't remember

-Managing and playing for the Mankato Twins
-Sleeping like a baby (do you sense my jealousy)
-Playing softball and golf in his free time
-Rearing children
-'Working to make money' as Kate says (Kate recently asked him to make quarters for us so that she could buy me a treat)

The house
-A small deck repair has turned into a brand new deck. Currently the deck has been ripped off and we're waiting for the new one to be started
-New roof yesterday. When we got home we were greeted by 8 shirtless men working away. Kate goes 'mom, there are guys on the roof with no shirts!' No need to tell mommy that honey.
-Painting the house is next on the list
-Along with a new patio
-Lastly, going to attempt to paint our wood stove in our living room to jazz it up. We don't use it, have no idea how to remove it, so would at least like it to look better
Pictures to come!

And now I leave you with some random photos of the kiddos....they need no words:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to reality

Well I've officially been back to work for one week now. Surprisingly, it hasn't been too bad. I spent the first week going through literally close to 2000 emails....no joke. Now, I'm back in the swing of things and feel pretty caught up.

Miles' first days have been going well too. On his first day he fell asleep on the way to daycare so I woke him up when we arrived as I didn't want him waking up in a strange place wondering where the heck he was. I quickly left before there were any tears and held it together the rest of the day. Having gone through this once with Kate, I knew what to expect, which made it easier but still tough leaving him

Luckily, our daycare is located right across the street from my work so I'm able to pop over at lunch for some midday snuggles, which I am very thankful for.

Other than that, all is going smoothly but man am I tired! I'm getting up at least once a night, most nights more between Miles and Kate. I tried to hold off on drinking pop at work but I collapsed on day 2 (darn the free fountain pop in the breakroom) and today was up to drinking 7 cups of Dr. Pepper. Yikes!

But its good to be back to reality, back to adult interaction and back to making a full paycheck:)

And here is the big boy on his first day of daycare.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summertime has arrived!

I probably just jinxed myself by stating that summer has arrived but I'm going to roll with it and say it has. We're enjoying the nice weather (finally!) and are excited to start baseball on Saturday, trips to the pool, walks/bike rides, grilling, campfires and just enjoying the ability to hang outside.

Kate has gotten pretty good on her new bike and we're now able to go on walks with her scooting right alongside us....here she be.

Oh how I love when she dresses herself
See-thru skirt....check
Rain boots....check check

In addition to enjoying the lovely weather, Kate and Miles have really started to enjoy each others company. Kate loves making Miles smile and loves to hold him and occasionally burp him.


Smiles all around

Then Kate requested a solo shot....

And we couldn't leave out Miles' headshot

And if that wasn't enough for your viewing pleasure....here she is folks. Kate Emma Nessler singing 'You are so beautiful', followed by 'Oh my darling' and finishing with Taio Cruz' 'Dynamite'. Enjoy:)