Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kate's Sixth Sense

So I’ve always heard about children’s imaginations and how they can run wild, but didn’t realize how wild it could run at the tender age of 3.

Now most of the time, when Kate slips into her world of imagination its mostly about what her stuffed animals and babies are up to. And I’ll also note that its quite impressive how consistent her stories stay (ie, you ask her about what happened with her pig two days later and she’ll tell you the same story). Sometimes she’ll also reference when I was a baby and she was a grown up and its almost as if she was my mother in another life (and would explain why I feel like she tries to act like my mother now at times)

But lately, her stories have gotten to the point where they darn right freak me out.

Case in point #1. We’re standing in my bedroom with the shades closed and Kate freezes, face gets serious and her eyes dart towards the window and goes ‘Mom, there is a guy outside the window’. My heart immediately skips a beat, I look to the window and see nothing but the shadow of a tree. I try to explain to her that it’s a tree but she persists and I eventually scoot her out of the room because she’s freaking me out with her facial expressions.

Now to case in point #2. We’re driving to daycare last week and Kate is in the back seat. She again, gets this serious voice and look on her face and goes ‘Mom, there is a mean guy.’ To which I reply ‘where?’. To which she replies ‘Running next to the car outside of my window’. Again, face frozen, voice serious (and might I add she’s whispering this which adds to the creepy factor) and I am thinking to myself ‘omg, my child sees dead people’.

I then tell her we’ll drive really fast to get away from him and luckily that seemed to do the trick and we appear to have lost ‘him’.

She hardly watches any tv and isn't really into anything with 'mean guys' so not really sure what the obsession with ‘mean guys’ is right now but really hoping it passes soon as its freaking me the hell out!

On that note, have a happy thanksgiving! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Funny Friday

On this fabulous Friday I thought I'd provide you with some random funnies I found on my camera...

Kate wearing Miles' vest
Surprisingly, she can fit into many of his clothes

Don't worry, Miles got to return the favor
Poor kid....wearing Kate's leotard

And finally....Just a little video of Miles crawling and Kate singing one of her favorite songs...Party Rock. Click here to view it.

I need an updated video of Miles crawling. He is way faster now and pulling himself up on things...even walking somewhat around things....sigh....growing too fast.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'd like to say that I have some adorable pictures of the kiddos from Halloween this year but its really quite a blur. I'll share what I have and try to give a quick recap of events.
We started off by attending the annual Golden Heart Daycare Halloween Party. Kate had fun but Miles could have cared less. Then on Halloween night we took the kids around to various family members and friends' houses and also took Kate out to actually go trick or treating. This was her first time going and I wasn't sure how she'd do but she loved it. We decided to go trick or treating in our old neighborhood as the house are quite spaced out where we live now and were sure to tire Kate's little legs out quickly.

Once we got going she got the hang of looking for houses with lights on, saying the magic words 'trick or treat' (or 'trick or treating' in her case) and was polite and said thank you to everyone. She made a haul and really could care less about the candy....just the thrill of the hunt:)

My little bumble bee

Kate and friend Gwyneth at the daycare party

Sad this is one of the only pictures
i have of my very tired little basketball player

Fellow bee and friend Elizabeth

Face painting fun

The final product

Carving pumpkins with cousins Max and Liam
Somehow these kids always end up naked

Scooping out the guts

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mankato Marathon

I'm starting to fall behind in my blogs so here's my attempt to catch up...bare with me.
In late October the 2nd annual Mankato Marathon took place. We watched last year and had so much fun watching it that we decided to do it again. We knew many people running the various races and it was fun to see so many faces we knew throughout the day.

In addition to watching the 10k, half marathon and full marathon, Kate also participated in the
Kids K (about a 1/2 mile). They had lots of fun activities before the race started, including face painting and hair spray painting. Despite one tumble during the race, Kate finished strong and even got a pretty sweet medal (if i do say so myself) to mark such a great feat. Super proud of my little runner....I don't even know if i could run a 1/2 mile these days without dying:)

Miles and Auntie Em ready to cheer Kate on

Kate's signs....
her first words after seeing the one on the left....
'I don't like orange'

Kate and I pre-race

Kate and Cousin Max

Max, Miles and Kate

The kiddos and their painted hair

Two 'flumbs' up!
As kate would say

Kate on the final stretch


So Proud
Morning of the marathon...bright and early

Such a cool sight...
thousands of runners all headed our way