Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We've had 5 Christmas celebrations so far with 2 go....rather than go into detail about each of them, I'll leave you with a photo recap....

Miles enjoyed eating his presents more than opening them

Me and Kater Bug

Kate: the look of pure disappointment when you open a gift
thinking its for you and it turns out to be a sweater for your mom
Me: the look of a moron

Jay, his brothers and the Nessler cousins

Brotherly Love

He's all mine ladies.....

The JcPenneys catalog 'looking off into the distance' pose
And yes folks, it came with pockets

The Nessler Ladies

Christmas morning
A barbie car from santa 'just what I wanted!!!'

Kate thanking Miles for the leg warmers he gave her

Miles hugging Kate
thanking her for the football she gave him

Cousin Max and Miles in matching jammies

Miles loves to tackle cousin Liam

Santa stopped by
Miles didn't dig him....obviously

The one and only family photo from Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa Nessler and the grandkids

Tummy tattoos!

Matching jammies for all!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miles - 9 Months

9 Months....9 months?!?!.....feels like I was just writing his 8 month post. Oh yeah I was, due to being a delinquent blogger....whoops!

I took Miles in for his 9 month checkup and he's doing great except for the fact that we found out he had an ear infection (demerit for me for not noticing it beforehand). So we got him on some antibiotics and hopefully that will clear it right up. It also appears to be helping his sleeping habits (INSERT HEAVY KNOCK ON WOOD HERE). Since being on the antibiotics he has slept through the night and/or gotten up only once pretty much every night.

At his appointment, we also discussed his inability to eat any table foods. What I mean is, anytime I give him anything with texture (besides baby food), he starts to gag and throws up. Doctor feels he just may not be ready so we're slowly working on introducing new textures to bring him up to the next level:)

Anyhoo, I'll get to the stats:
Height: 28 inches (43rd percentile)
Weight: 19.9 lbs (25th percentile)
Head: 18 1/2 inches (91st percentile)

And a little recap to what the little man has been up to:
-Still crawling but at lightening speed
-Stands for periods of time by himself
-Likes to wrestle
-Has started to dance, which is uber fun to watch. Boy has some rhythm at 9 months! Even can find a beat with the organ music at church. Get down my little altar boy!
-His ability to play independently is increasing and his attention span is growing. This allows for mama to sneak away and get something accomplished.
-Has 2 teeth on the bottom, 1/2 a tooth on the top and 1 coming in on the bottom and 1 coming in on the top. His top teeth are going to look quite hilarious as he has 1 partial front tooth and the other tooth coming in is an eye tooth
-Within the last week has started sleeping from about 8:30 to 6:30
-Naps are getting better as well
-Gives hugs and kisses
-Dishes out high fives (ok only sometimes)
-Ponders what his first birthday theme should be (ok maybe his mom is but its right around the corner you know). Already been scouting out the first birthday invitations at Pear Tree;)

And now some snapshots of Mr. Miles these days:

He went in to get his first haircut.....
smiles at first

but the mood turned somber quickly

My handsome little boy post haircut
with his hairdresser Lexi

Standing! And full of smiles and laughter

And after pulling pictures for this post I realize I don't take nearly as many pictures of Miles....I'll add it to my list of New Year's resolutions for 2012....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Little Fashionista

If anyone is looking for a stylist, I've got one in the making. She is VERY opinionated when it comes to picking out clothes. She knows what she likes and once she has her mind made up....there is really no changing it.

When she's on....she's on....
(notice the scarf she picked out)

And when she's off...well.....
we still love her

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cancun Vacay

Last week we were able to escape the Minnesota cold and escape to Cancun, Mexico thanks to the hubby who won the trip through work. It was a short little trip (Saturday - Tuesday) but was the perfect length for our first getaway since Miles was born.
The trip was sponsored by Miller Lite, the Vikings and Sun Country Airlines and was called 'Tailgate on the Beach/Touchdown in the Tropics'. Everyone who was on the trip either worked for Miller or a distributor, was affiliated with the Vikings or won the trip through various promotions.

Here was our itinerary in a nutshell:
Saturday 7 am: Left Minneapolis...beers were a flowing and the bathroom line was loooong
12 pm or so - Arrival in Mexico....bus and more beers await us
12:30 - Arrive at the Omni.....more beers/drinks await us while we check in, along with free chair massages while we wait
1:00 - Hit the Beach
Evening - Welcome party featuring more drinks, food and mariachi band

8:30 - Breakfast and beach
10:30 - Tailgate on the beach party begins, more drinks, food, vikings cheerleaders, games and watching the Vikes
6:00 - Dinner than out for the evening

8:30 - 4:00 - Beach.All.Day.Long
Evening - Farewell concert on the beach by Rocketclub

Tuesday - Depart Cancun

It was a fabulous time, we met some awesome people and really enjoyed some kids free time (although I did miss them terribly). Only downfall of the trip was I had to pump and dump....I don't want to even think about the amount of milk I dumped down the drain there....oh well, more reason to just keep drinking right?!?!

And here are some photos from our adventure.....

The view from our balcony

I enjoy long walks on the beach....

Tent for the tailgate party

I feel like I should have a cheesy poem (perhaps haiku)
to go with this picture....but I don't.

Ann Carroll from Vikings Weekly and Vikings super fans

Balcony view at night


My view from the beach

Our room

Balcony shot of us

The view of our hotel, The Omni

Jay's work crew

Final night, concert on the beach

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leg Warmers

Last week we had an impromptu playdate with some friends in New Prague. A huge thank you to Amy and family for taking us in last minute, filling our bellies with yummy food and allowing the kids to have a great playdate. Not only did we have a great time but Kate also got some ADORABLE leg warmers and hair clips that Amy made and Kate is obsessed with them. Thanks again Amy! Here are some pictures of Kate and her new favorite fashion accessory (and it turned into quite the photo shoot):

It started off as a normal photo shoot...

But then turned silly quickly
'Kate strike a pose'

'Turn a little more....not that way silly'


The serious teapot

Monday, December 5, 2011

Miles - 8 Months

Miles is now 8 months (well 8 1/2 technically) but who's counting? Me...the time is going way too fast. I know it's cliche, I know every mom says it, but its true. To think he'll be a year in just a few months is crazy.

Not a whole lot has changed since his 7 month update but for a mom that thinks her little boy is growing too fast, that's ok:)
-Still crawling but only WAY faster
-Loves paper...flapping it in the air, ripping it, scrunching it and eating it
-His love for his mama is reaching new heights. Sure he adores his dad and sister as well, but now cries whenever his mom leaves his sight. I mean, not surprising he can't get enough of me, but makes it difficult for this mama to get anything done (many of you may think its the pilates classes i've been, its just lugging a 20 lb child on my hip for 5+ hours a day)
-Still only 2 teeth but I feel he's working on more.
-Moving to the infant II room a week from today. Its about time and his friends in Infant I will welcome it I'm sure. You see, he is one of the only mobile ones so the others become his playground.

Still cute as ever and still makes this mama proud:)
....and would make his mama prouder if he chose to sleep thru the night;)

And here he is: