Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kate's first Dentist Appointment

A couple weeks ago, Kate had her first trip to the dentist. I'd heard great things about the pediatric dentist office in Mankato so we gave it a go. Jay and I talked to Kate about the visit prior to going and I prayed to the dentist gods that she would not become terrified of the dentist or have a loathe of the dentist like I did growing up.

When we walked through the door for her appointment, all fears vanished when I laid eyes on the 2 story playhouse in the lobby. Sa-weet! I knew we were in business. Kate played while I filled out paperwork and was having a blast when they finally called us back. The hygienist was super friendly and explained everything she was doing in a kid-friendly way.

Kate sat great while the hygienist polished her teeth and flossed them. She kept saying how impressed she was with how well Kate sat and compared her to one of the 'bigger girls'. And she impressed me as well. Kate then got some stickers, played with the awesome flannel board they had INSIDE the exam room and waited for the dentist to come to the final check.

The dentist said Kate's teeth looked beautiful, performed a quick fluoride treatment and gave a cavity-free report. Side note...do any of you remember having to stick trays of fluoride in your mouth as a child?? (gag-o-rama!) Gone are those days....now they do a 2-second 'painting' of the fluoride and they're done! Gotta love medical advancements.

Such a peanut in the chair

This photo CRACKS me up
The cuteness...the double chin...
love her:)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Miles - 10 Months

Mr. Miles is now 10 months old and oodles of fun. Here's what the little guy is up to these days:

-Stands by himself for short periods of time
-Walks along furniture
-Gives kisses
-Gives high fives
-Says 'mama' and 'dada'. Not sure if he's really referencing us but we'd like to think so
-Sleeping from about 7:30 to 6 in the morning and gets up about once during the night (this is HUGE people)
-Has 4 teeth on the bottom and 4 coming thru on top
-Eating more table foods (without gagging and throwing up I might add)
-Loves to dance and like his sister digs Nicki Minaj 'Super Bass'. Twinkle Twinkle what?
-And his facial expressions are hilarious (both my children have dramatic facial expressions....makes me wonder if they get this from me??)
-Easy going and pretty much just goes with the flow

So much fun these days and hard to believe turning 1 is right around the corner! Of course I'm sad he's turning into a little man but at the same token, excited for the fun that lies ahead. And here is my cutie patootie:

Here he is....rocking the cuteness

and enjoys yoga to unwind from a stressful day at daycare

Props to my bff jill, Christy, for capturing such adorable photos
More to come on that in a future post

Seriously love his baby blues

Post bath and ready to snuggle

Perhaps his hair upset him

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Class Pictures

Its that time again...the good ol' class pictures. Full of adorable awkwardness:)

It was Miles' first go around with class photos
Top right folks

And Miss Kate, front and center (purple cardigan)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years Eve

Alright...I'm a little behind. But thanks to a wonderful bout with the flu today, I'm trapped in bed and able to blog. Let's begin, shall we.

This year we celebrated the end of 2011 at Jay's brother's house. Being that I was very pregnant last year, I was ready to whoop it up this year. Here's some of the photos from the night...key word 'some'. Ha, aka I'm only posting the safe ones to ensure I'm invited back in the future;)

Meghan, Jamie and Mary

Chris Brown, excuse me, Kevin and I

Karaoke...moments before we discovered
my mic wasn't even plugged in
Believe me, that was a blessing for all

The hostess with the mostess
Jay's brother Andy and myself

Jay's brother, Scott and girlfriend, Katie

Ash and Greeno
Side note, Kate has a major crush on Greeno:)

Jay and I

Ashley and I took turns riding my nephew Max's bike
Mysteriously the picture of myself didn't turn out
Sorry Ash:)
But impressive you can ride that in heels!

Love these girls
Katie, Ash and myself

The kiddos spent the night at G&G Nessler's
and came to wish us a happy new year in the morning
Please note, Kate dressed herself

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fancy Feet

Over the holidays, my mom took my sister, Kate and I to get pedicures. It was an awesome (and much needed) treat for my feet. Kate was thrilled from the moment she heard we were going and talked about it non-stop. You see, this wasn't her first rodeo with a pedicure (she got her first with Grandma Vicki this summer) and she knew what lie ahead. She knew exactly what color nail polish she wanted, hot pink, and requested a flower to accent her tiny toes.

It was so great to have some one-on-one time with my girl.
At times I thought to myself
'are you sure you're 3?? I feel like I'm talking to a 23 year old'

A tiny chair for a tiny gal
Highlight was watching her socialize with the gal doing her toes
So polite and social...
one of those moments where you think to yourself
'Hmm, i must be doing something right'

and finally, drying her freshly painted toes

I wish I would have captured a shot of all 4 ladies but my camera was dying and the opportunity was missed. I guess that only means one thing...we'll have to do it all over again! Thanks again mom!