Monday, April 30, 2012

Tube Time

Miles has been battling ear infections for the past several months. In fact, in 2012 alone he's had 5. No matter what antibiotic we try, we just can't seem to kick them. This past Thursday we had an appointment with the ENT to discuss the possibility of tubes and after looking in both ears, we discovered he in fact had infections in both ears:( ....bad mom award right here folks. How might I not notice my son had a double ear infection you say...well he had no signs really....slept through the night and generally pretty happy. Given that he's been battling ear infections a good portion of his life, the doctor thinks Miles probably doesn't know any different...he's just used to being infected. Poor guy.

So back to the doctor's appointment....the Dr said that she wanted to get Miles in for tubes right away, if possible, so we held off treating the ears and signed up for tubes the following Monday (today).

We arrived at the hospital a little before 6 am and did the usual sit and wait....with occasional wagon rides around the hospital. The hardest part was he couldn't eat or drink after midnight which caused me the most anxiety. Jay was able to stay with me til 7 but then had to head to work. Shortly after, they gave Miles a sedative which really didn't work and around 7:30 they came to get him for surgery. He cried as they took him out of my arms and reached for me longingly as they carried him off...sad:(

The actual process of putting in the tubes only took about 5-10 minutes and then he spent another 30 minutes or so in recovery. When they were bringing him back I could hear him coming (crying) and met him in the hall. Blood dripping out of his ears, crying and, more than anything, pissed as hell.

I would relate the next 45 minutes similar to that of a wrestling vs. a very ornery bear cub. I couldn't control him or calm him down....he was hysterical and fighting me like there was no tomorrow. In fact, the boy gave me a few smacks  to the head that actually hurt (we'll blame that on the anesthesia).

After 45 minutes, I think the nurses station (and all the other patients for that fact) were tired of listening to us and finally gave us the ok to go home. Once I got his pjs on and he knew we were safe from doctors, he finally calmed down and we were on our way.

Yes, it was a rough morning but it needed to be done. The doctor said his ears were 'pretty nasty' and full of fluid. She removed as much as she could and said she didn't believe any antibiotic could really clear them up given how severe they for us, tubes were the best option.

After we got home, we both took a LONG nap and he arose his happy little self. Aside from bloody drainage coming from both ears (dr. said it would drip blood for quite a while given how infected they were) he seems to be back to his normal self.

Here's hoping to no more infections and pain free days ahead!

One of many wagon rides prior

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

This year we had 3 Easter celebrations to attend. Luckily they were relatively close to home so it made for easy travels.

The day before Easter we traveled to Nicollet to celebrate with my dad and his wife's family. Unfortunately, I have no pictures from that day, but it was a very fun/relaxing time.

Easter morning we started by looking for the kids' Easter baskets. The Easter bunny must have surveyed the house, realized that the baskets would be nearly impossible to find amongst the mess and set them on the dining room table to ensure they were found:)

The highlight of Miles' basket...a ball!

Both kids showing off their goodies

Miles thought the glitter bunny mask was pretty sweet

After attending church, we made our way to my mom's
Cutie Kate
She had been waiting to wear these yellow 'tap' shoes for months
And they finally fit!

Family photos were not happening this day
(as you will see in future pictures)
But Kate and I made the best of it....
and made our own little family picture

Kisses for cousin Quinn

Almost a family picture....
not half bad

Ha....oh Miles

The closest we were getting to a sibling shot

Miles' classy dinner attire

Myself and Quinn

The kids getting ready for the egg hunt
Way to try to duck out of the picture em:)

Giddy for the egg hunt!

Not the best family photo but it will suffice

The whole gang

Sunday, April 15, 2012

1 year stats

We had Miles' 1 year check up this past week so here I am with his official stats and what he's been up to these days. Side note/shout out to the medical world...there has got to be a better way to collect blood on a one year old other than a finger prick. I recalled how horrible it was with Kate and was dreading it. This time was no different. I was sweating, restraining him like none other and feeling extremely sad for my little man as he went through it. Poor Miles cried for 25 minutes following it until he lost his voice.
But on to happier are his 1 year stats:
Height: 29 inches (14th percentile)
Weight: 21.8 lbs (50th percentile)
Head: 19 1/8 inches (97th percentile)

So staying right on trend with the Nessler children. Short, average weight, big head.

And here is what Miles is up to these days:
-Walking, walking, walking (started on March 29th-ish while we were in Arizona and hasn't stopped since)
-Chatting non stop. When he yells he sounds like an angry Donald Duck
-Drank his last bottle of breast milk last week. Made it a little over a year!
-No new teeth since last time I posted but working on some
-Loves playing catch and throwing. Any sort of ball catches his eye
-Also loves dogs. Which is completely opposite of Kate.
-For the most part, sleeping much better. Only will get up once a night if at all.
-Goes to bed at 6:30 - 7:30. Going to be a tough summer when baseball games start at 7:30...eek.
-Enjoying table food more and more but rather picky
-Playing independently more and more
-Just a fun little guy with lots of love:)

My how a year flies and how much one little boy can change. Ugh, love him to pieces!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Pictures - Awkward Style

While Jay and I were in Arizona, my parents and Jay’s parents watched the kids. Jay’s mom took them to the local garden center that was offering Easter pictures.

Normally, my children are quite photogenic (if I do say so myself) and if nothing else, expressive. Well they definitely excelled in the latter….but other than that, well you’ll see…

First of all, a disclaimer on Kate’s outfit. I usually do not dress her like a camp counselor/zoo keeper, but she insisted on this outfit and anyone who knows Kate…you just don’t mess with her and her outfits. So none of the grandmas should be held liable either for dressing her that way.

Trying to warm up to all of this....

Would be half decent if a certain someone cooperated
Notice the orange tic-tacs in Miles' hands for bribery

Miles must have noticed the bunny by his side
'Get me outta here!'
And why do my children's facial expressions
always resemble Chris Farley???

The joint consoling session is not helping...

So we proceed with a solo shoot
Awkward, forced smiles

And end with some semi-normal looking ones...

Happy Easter Everyone and enjoy your time with family!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arizona Vacay

My lovely hubby scored us another trip through his work (see first vacay here) and this time it was to Scottsdale, Arizona. I had never been before, so I was excited to see all it had to offer.

Like I said, Jay was the reason we were able to go on this little trip. For those of you who weren't aware, Jay is a beer sales man and this trip was put on by Leinenkugel. There were approximately 75 people who earned the trip and were able to bring a guest. Being the obvious choice, I got to go along for the ride.

We were there for 4 glorious days - the weather was AMAZING, the activities/dinners put on by Leinie's were great and most of all it was soooo relaxing.

And now, my traditional photo recap of our time away...note, all activities were accompanied by some delicious Leinie's products but thought it might get a bit repetitive:)
Day 1:
-Arrived in AZ mid morning and spent most of the day lounging by the pool
-Evening activity included a team builder/ice breaker. We were split up into teams and were tasked with building a boat out of pvc pipe, water noodles, duct tape, a tarp, rope, cardboard and zip ties. We then had to race them across the pool. Somehow I managed to land myself on a team with 7 ladies and only 2 men. Not saying women aren't capable of constructing a boat out of such materials (because really, who is?) but our team (team pink by the way) were the def the underdogs. Teams were judged on boat design, speed, flag design and team chant (we all had to get on stage and were judged by the Leinenkugel brothers).

The start of team pink's boat

The team next to us....aka the SS Minnow.
Was intimidating to say the least....

Towards the end of our construction
Our paddle, made out of beer bottles and a pipe

About to set sail
Side note, MANY of the boats sank before they even set sail
Proud to say ours didn't and made the treacherous voyage
And why not throw the only person on the team who couldn't swim
into a boat that had a 89.9% chance of sinking???

Ahoy Matey!

Team builder was followed by a poolside dinner

Day 2:
-Spent the morning shopping, realized things were a little too spendy for my thrifty ways and headed back to the pool for more sun, relaxation and swimming
-Night activity was an awards ceremony of sorts where the 'All Leinie Team' was recognized

Solo shot
I don't get to dress up very often,
so I figured we better capture the moment


Day 3:
-Spa appointments for both Jay and I. Both had very interesting massages. The masseuse could tell I was a little (ok a lot) tense in my shoulders and upper back and asked what the heck I did for a living. When I replied 'marketing' she then goes 'are you a weight lifter?' ....ha no, 'child'-lifter though. It was a very painful/enjoyable experience and was sore for two days after:)
-Remainder of day was spent by the pool
-Evening activity was a trip to an Indian reservation for some southern food and activities

We enjoyed a beautiful location
La Puesta - Location where the event was held

Open on the cute

We enjoyed beautiful scenery

We hung out with cowboys....
shortly before this picture we watched them chase away
a rattlesnake who was trying to join our party
scary and exciting, all at the same time

We participated in duels...
notice the intensity on my face

Also please notice that I have already fired the gun at this point
and looking to see if I won and Jay is still firing:)
I was 3-0....whoop whoop!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset

We enjoyed some faux bull riding

We (er I) enjoyed the thought of falling
into an attractive cowboy's arms
See cowboy on left...he's ready for me:)

Day 4:
-Enjoyed one more day by the pool and then journeyed home

Overall, so relaxing and such beautiful weather/scenery. It was great to have some alone time with Jay and was the perfect length trip to miss the kids but not too terribly:) Can def see why people retire there....heck, the fact that its a warm, dry heat and doesn't turn my hair into a hot mess is appealing on its own! Until we meet again....