Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Catch Up....shall we

I'm slacking....I know. But here's a quick post to hold you over til the next one.
Here's what we (mainly I) have been up to:
-I accepted a new position with another company within Taylor Corp. I'm a brand manager (similar to the position I held previously) just a different product line/side of the business. I started on May 14th. Things have been going really well, the people are nice and its exciting learning a whole new world of product. The only bad thing....we have free fountain pop. The first two weeks I couldn't resist and succumb to the evil carbonated goodness but have been caffeine free for 4 days now.
-I helped organize the Golden Heart 5k for the 3rd year and it was our biggest participation year to date...close to 250 peeps. We had awesome face painters, wacky hair artists, 'earth-moving equipment' (aka backhoes and such) and even had the North Mankato Fire Department bring their fire truck for the kiddos to explore.

Quinn was tuckered out from the race

Kate participated in the kids k (see pink haired child in the middle)
She spent a good portion on my back but was still lots of fun:)

Kate and Miles participating in the 5k with Grandma and Grandpa Nessler

-Following the 5k, we spent the evening with friends at the new Chankaska Creek Winery. It was BEAUTIFUL and the wine was delicious! It was a great evening, surrounded by great peeps.

-And finally, our Memorial Day weekend was great. Surprisingly, we had absolutely no plans and spent the whole weekend around the house. We capped off the weekend by golfing with our friends Christy and Bryan.
-Now, bring on starts Sunday, tball for Kate starts mid June, a trip to Montana with friends in July, grilling with friends and many days by the pool to come!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kate's Gymnastics Showcase

 Kate has been going to gymnastics for almost two years now and this past Saturday she had her first 'meet'. It was a super cute showcase that the gym put on to showcase the preschoolers and their mad skills.

My little goof ball prior to the big event

Waiting patiently for her turn to be announced

The way they announced the kids was super cute. They announced their name over the sound system and then each kid jumped down this long trampoline 
and then landed on a mat, to be followed by a 'ta da'.
Here is a very poor picture of Kate making her way down the trampoline....
now this is where i wish i would have had my video camera...
Kate did great jumping down the tramp
however, when she reached the end of the tramp, she semi-tripped/flew 
off the end of it (superman style) and face-planted into the mat. 
I held my breath in fear this 'meet' was over before it even started
but she laid still for a moment, looked over at us in the crowd and popped right up
That's my girl!

Face plant what??? Ta da!

Now onto showcasing her skills



 Miles was there to support his big sister....sort of

Straddle Jumps

Pull Overs

Slow and steady on the beam

Jumping and twirling at the same time
Coordination at it's finest

Receiving her medal after it all

Showing her new swag....medal, award and t-shirt

Kate and her good friend Gwyneth

Such an awesome experience for Kate 
and thank you to the many family members that came to cheer her on!