Monday, June 4, 2012

The Hand (foot and mouth) That Rocks the Cradle

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease has been making its way around daycare for the last couple weeks. I thought we had been spared til this past Friday. I received a call in the afternoon saying Miles was running a fever. Other than that, he had no symptoms so I figured he was just teething.

We were headed to some friends house that evening so I gave him some tylenol.....a couple blocks from our destination and 'blah'....he had vomited in his car seat (which is one of the most dreadful places to vomit I've decided).

So he and I headed home....we snuggled on the couch and watched 'Mean Girls', quite the perfect/fetch evening....until round two, three, four and five of vomiting started again. (Side note: I haven't scrubbed my kitchen floor by hand in like a year and just happened to earlier that day....wouldn't you know....that's where little bud decided to lose his nuggets. I'll take it as a sign that I should continue to Swiffer from here on out).

The remainder of the night was him up here and there and no real sleep was had. By morning, he had developed the tell tale spots of HFM Disease. They covered his groin, bum, legs, hands, feet and mouth. I'd post a picture of them but frankly they are disgusting. Today they were the worst looking. They are essentially little pimple/bug bite looking things that cover his body. He also has sores on the inside of his mouth which makes it hard for him to eat/swallow. Poor little guy I'm sure is just miserable. He can't return to daycare until they start to scab over. They started to scab today but he'll hopefully return to daycare on Wednesday as he has a couple spots that still have 'fluid' in them. Yum.

Today when I stopped into daycare I believe they said only two babies have yet to contract it in the infant rooms! Crazy. And everyone I talk to either has HFM in their house or know someone who does.

And here is a GIANT KNOCKING ON WOOD that Kate hasn't gotten it yet and doesn't..... we are hopeful that Miles' case remains isolated to just him.

Here's to healthier days ahead.....