Friday, July 13, 2012

Scott and Katie are Getting Hitched!

One year from today, two very special people in our lives will be tying the knot!! Jay's brother, Scott, and his girlfriend, Katie, got engaged in May and will be getting married on July 13, 2013.
We couldn't be more excited as we love them both and frankly....its about time! ha.

After Scott popped the question, we had a party to celebrate their engagement. Drinks, apps and fun were had in their honor (pictures below).

With their marriage, Katie will become the second 'Kate' Nessler to join the family so we (I) have bestowed her with the new name of Kathy so there is no confusion:)

Congrats again guys! We love you and are so happy/excited for you!

PS - this has potential of being one of the most fun/crazy weddings ever with the families/friends involved. In fact, I better begin training asap to build my tolerance (let alone the ability to stay up after 10 p.m.) partying skills are not up to par with this crew....good thing I have 365 days:)

The infamous 'bride/groom' attire
I have a picture somewhere of Jay and I wearing the same thing

Some celebratory Sunkist to toast the new couple

Miles celebrated by driving the jeep

The sign the kiddos made and everyone signed.
It reads 'Thank you Katie for Marrying Scott'
Haha, love it!

Katie and her flower girl and ring bearer:)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Days 2012

Fun Days fell the weekend after the 4th so our days of fun filled activities continued. On Friday night we participated in the kiddie parade with cousins Max and Liam and some of their friends. The theme of the kiddie parade was 'Reading' so our group were 'Super Readers' and all the kids dressed as super heroes and decorated their bikes.

Kate, Cousin Max, and their super hero pals

The whole gang

 Super hero Kate

Kate and I before the parade

 Post Parade....Cousin Quinn and Kate


 After the parade, we hit up the rides
Kate and Coryn

The girls and Miles then decided to hit up the cars

Now you see him....

Now you don't....
moments before the ride he freaked out and had to be hauled off by a worker

Kate and Coryn on the train
Coryn loved it....and well, Kate took one for the team for a good pal:)
I think Kate twirled her hair the whole time, ha

Saturday morning...Parade time!

Sweet embraces for Quinn and Coryn:)

Score! Eye black from Buffalo Wild Wings!

Miles enjoyed picking up candy

'Now you stay out of the road, otay? We don't want you getting hurt'

Lots of fun despite the awful heat. And thanks to all our friends and family who came out to support Kate in the kiddie parade! She felt like a pretty big deal:)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July 2012

First off, I am aware my blogging frequency has been horrid lately....I apologize....but with summer brings nights spent outdoors, ball games and late nights...which means little time to blog. But I have been longing to blog and catch up, so here I go!

The 4th of July this year was a fun one, despite falling on a Wednesday. On the 3rd, Golden Heart had their annual parade. Due to the extreme heat (for the second year in a row), the infant room was unable to participate. But Kate represented well and did a great job.

That night, we decided to head out to some friends' lake home to enjoy the lake, pontoon and watch the annual fireworks display a lake resident puts on. Miles ended up falling asleep before the fireworks even began so he and I spent most of the evening inside. Kate and Jay had fun watching them....although the poor girl was eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes. Jay and I both thought the other one put bug spray on her. She was swollen from head to toe:(

Since she refused to let me put any sort of anti itch lotion on her I researched ways to reduce the itch. A friend told me of a couple was to spit on them as she swore that worked. As I was about to begin (hey if you would have seen her you would have tried anything, i promise, ha), I thought to myself 'what if she goes to daycare and tells her teachers I spit on her?!?!'  So i nixed that idea and moved onto idea number 2. Take a bar of soap and rub them on the bites. Seemed to reduce them and if nothing else she smelled Zest fully clean!

So back to the celebrating. On the actual 4th itself, Jay had to work so the kids and I spent most of the day at home and inside. It was a scorcher out and was just MISERABLE to be outside. Later that night we headed over to Jay's parents and ate with friends and family and then went downtown for the local fireworks display. Great display and the weather actually cooled off so we could enjoy.

Good times had by all!

See below for pics!

The kiddos in the 4th of July Attire....
crazy how much they change in a year

Golden Heart Parade

Joint pictures just aren't happening these days
Fireworks on the 4th

Left arm full of bites:(

 My cuties enjoying the fireworks