Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Montana Trip

I am a broken record....I will be a better blogger. Long overdue but here it is.

It all started last October. We, along with a group of friends, decided to bid on a live auction package that was a trip to Big Sky, Montana. We ended up winning the package and decided to go the summer of 2012. We decided on July as we were told this would be the best time weather wise (with the exception of winter, obviously). 

We decided to road trip it out there as flights were spendy and driving allowed us to have a car out there and we were also able to bring our trailer filled with all our goods:)

The trek out there was a long one....17 or so hours? I lost track of time along the way and I think I took 5-7 naps, ha. It surprisingly didn't feel that long though. Felt more like 9 hours or so. Except when we were going through Wyoming....whoever makes fun of driving through Iowa, has obviously never driven through Wyoming.

Our first stop was Wall Drug in South Dakota
Didn't buy anything but allowed us to stretch our legs

Once we arrived at the beautiful condo, we relaxed and took in the scenery
Which was beautiful

Condos where we stayed

View outside our doorstep

Another view of our condo with the mountains in the background

And now, a photo recap of all the fun we had. Some of these are out of order but if I took the time to rearrange them, let's face might be another two months before you saw this post;)

We went on hikes around the area

We explored the mountain side

And saw a moose!
We went Ziplining! Me, Ashley and Mary

Me and Mary and our spiffy helmets
The whole group ziplining. Mary/Ben, Me/Jay, Ash/Ryan

Coming in hot! Here I come!
Ziplining also involved obstacles
Oh you know, just hanging from a tree, over a river
We went white water rafting. Beyond fun

Ha, jay's face!

Out for dinner

Back to zip lining. Bombs away!
Starfish Jay! Starfish Jay! The move you had to do if you were coming in too hot
The whole group out to dinner

Music in the park. Me, Ash, and Mary

Strapped in for zipping

Clinging to the tree for dear life

Bottom of mountain

Another random shot of us
My biggest fear, running into a bear on our hikes

Big Air Show in Big Sky
Big Air Show in Big Sky
Big Air show in Big Sky

Enjoying our Huckleberry Vodka! So delicious!

The men of the Montana trip

Such beautiful coloring in this photo i just had to post:)

Ryan and Ashley...adorbs

Delicious pizza...and Ash
Overall, a wonderful trip! Lots of laughs, new experiences and good times spent with great people. The laid back pace of Big Sky was good for this high strung lady and forced me to stop and slow down for a moment:)