Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christy's 30th Birthday

When I was approached by my best friend Christy's husband, Bryan, to help him throw a surprise 30th birthday for her, two thoughts came to mind:
1) She is going to kill me if I do this
2) Ah what the hell, she'll get over it:)

Well with the help of some of Christy's fabulous friends (and of course Bryan) we were able to keep it a secret and surprised her a couple Saturdays ago. As Christy stated 'I hated the first 10 minutes of it, but then loved it!' So Christy:)

We held it in the basement of Tav on the Ave. There was definite concern on how we would get her there, let alone get her to come in the basement and not be suspicious. Initially, the plan was Christy's mom was going to invite them out to her house for supper and Bryan would find an excuse to stop at the Tav on the way out. Then fear struck me.....'What if she thinks she's only going to her mom's for supper and decides to be super casual and is wearing...gasp...sweatpants!?!?!' I mean, she was going to kill us all for throwing this party in the first place but if she discovered this was all going on and I allowed her to wear sweatpants to the party....who knows what would have went down.

The party planners quickly devised a plan and with some trickery from Bryan and Christy's mom, they were able to make a change of plans and made a last minute decision to go out to eat at.
The Tav was packed, which teed up a perfect reason for them to be sitting in the basement....and the rest....well I'll let the photos do the talking:)

The moment she realized it was more than just dinner
Terror/Joy....it was a range of emotions. Poor Grayson couldn't see a darn thing that was going on due to the hat:)

Pictures strung on twine and attached to old barn wood

The.best.cake.ever! Christy's friend Rachel made it and words cannot describe. It was like a better than sex cake plus gooey toffee center and was just so damn moist. (sidenote, Christy, i know you hate the word moist but you must agree!!)

The room was adorned with photos such as this one....such a gem!

Ben and Mary

Randi and Ashley

Trisha and Matt

Anne, Bibbs and Rach

Jeff and Aleta

My sister Emily and Chris

Jay, Rico (ryan) and Ben

My sister and I

Shot time with the Taylor girls

The possibilities of what these two are discussing are endless.....:)

Love them. Mother/Daughter

Christy and Rachel

Me and the birthday girl

Anne, my fellow party planner. Anne, you make me want to hit a tanning salon, stat.

Rachel and Anne

Jay and I

Amanda and Christy

Krystal and Joe (Christy's brother)

Jess and Zach

The McCormicks, Blickems and yours truly

Too many too name....but they all coordinated well!

Bryan and Christy

The necklace Kate made for the birthday girl

This picture is hilarious....I look like I'm grabbing Matt's ass

Movie Club Girls: Sarah, Christy, Me, Aleta

Shots were flowing all night. In the words of Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum 'Ew!' To complete your life, view the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIhU3mQTp1U

Trisha, Matt and Ninja Christy

They may kill me.....way late in the night.

It was a fabulous time and so glad everyone came out to celebrate the wonderful Christy. Love you Jill and so glad your birthday came after mine:)


christy bode said...

Love it all! And correction, i was a teenage mutant ninja turtle not a ninja, obviously!

The Nesslers said...

Yes i know...I was abbreviating it:) Teenage mutant ninja turtle was far too exhausting to type, ha.