Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My New Hobby: Photography

For the past couple years I've been dreaming of making the leap from a normal point and shoot camera to something a little more quality. Being the cheap ass that I am, I never made the leap....but this past Christmas my hubby (with the guidance of a very good friend *cough* christy *cough*) purchased me the best Christmas gift ever. A Canon Rebel T3. I have since been in heaven. And to top it off, I got a pretty sweet lens, a new bag and a camera strap to go with it...courtesy of my mother in law and Christy. Score!

In addition to the actual camera, I've gained some invaluable advice from Christy who has taught me pretty much everything I know. I was even lucky enough to tag along on a wedding shoot with her. Such a great learning experience and I'm so excited to see how I grow.

I'm just so grateful I now have the tools to capture some really amazing photos of my kiddos and maybe take a few photos here and there for friends and family. Plus, I was in need of a new hobby and its nice to have this creative outlet. Here's a few shots I've taken over the past couple months.

My teacher, my bff, my beautiful subject....honored to take her headshots:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas 2012

I will admit....I have severely fallen behind on my blogging. It seems these past few months I've just been more focused on housework (I'm sure my husband would beg to differ), home improvement projects and, most importantly, spending time with my kiddos. So forgive me if I'm behind and I'll do my best to keep/catch up.

So let's get back into the swing of things with Christmas 2012. I don't have a lot of words to describe all that took plus but will sum it up as follows. We traveled to many Christmases, spent time with many wonderful family and friends and had an absolute blast watching Kate and Miles enjoy all the magic that is Christmas. I'll leave you with some pictures that will sum up all the fun.
Lets kick it off with this gem...he will probably kill me. Jay's gift from Santa....

Miles got a personalized backpack....he loves it, although his face doesn't show it

From the back

Cousin Max helping Miles eat jello

Hahaha....this photo is priceless

This so wouldn't have happened last year

All the Nessler grandkids and Santa (plus Jay)

Miles loved the football he got

No particular caption, just love this picture and captures the essence of Christmas

Sibling Love

Working her new fur slippers
Teamwork to bring Grandpa Dave his gift

My sister Emily and little Quinn - Our children have fabulous facial expressions

But would you expect any less?? Work it;)

Miles and Grandpa Dave

Miles rockin his new Mankato West t-shirt

Close and caged...Kate's preference for viewing dogs

Dressed in their Christmas best

The closest we were coming to a family picture this year

I could just eat him up with a spoon

Kate and Cousin Max

Me and my boy

Delivering presents is hard work....
Look will see Kate's gift to me. Its a piece of plastic aka 'a very beautiful flower'. She was SO proud of it and so excited to give it to me. It's gifts like this that mean the most.

Fear of dogs runs in the family

Christmas morning...on the hunt to see if Santa came

Kate lifting Miles to check out the cookies (or what was left)

A boy's dream....a school bus!

He seriously laid his head on this hoop forever....true love

A new hat to match her brother's

More Christmas Joy

Kate and Grandma Sue

Kate got a Hello Kitty popcorn popper for Christmas....anxiously waiting.....

There she blows!!!!

Love this photo...its all about the accessories folks

Love for Grandma Sue

A Mankato Twins onesie for Quinn

Again....facial expressions are priceless

Miles and Cousin Liam playing quietly. A big change considering Miles (yes Miles) is always pushing Liam's buttons
My two favorite little people
The wonder of Christmas

And last but not least - Kate in front of the tree, sitting on a basketball and chair. She came up with the pose herself.            It's original!!